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  • My baby is breech (6 comments)

    It can be very disappointing to learn that your baby is facing the wrong way. But it is not unusual...

  • Sex during pregnancy (1 comments)

    A woman’s sex drive changes during pregnancy. Hormones make the mum-to-be nauseous and tired, which...

  • Breastfeeding - getting started (0 comments)

    If you put a newborn baby on your breast, they will actually find your nipple all on their own. It...

  • Lower back and pelvic pain (4 comments)

    Back pain
    Back pain is common during pregnancy, due to hormones and changes in posture...

  • Working environment rights (0 comments)

    Legal rights at work
    Your employer has to make sure that a pregnant woman is not exposed to...

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  • Easter Bunny headband

    Easter Bunny headband Make your own Easter Bunny headband. You will need: White...

  • Week 38

    Your baby is fullterm For several weeks now, your baby’s development has been more about improving...

  • Week 36

    Just like a newborn By this week your baby has almost completely grown into that once-wrinkly...

  • Week 35

    Gaining 25 to 30 grams per day The baby's heart is beating at a rate of around 120-160 beats a...

  • 1 month

    A little hand that opens Your baby has been around a while and has started to relax a little....

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