pregnant woman lying on bed

Hard to stomach


Pregnancy can come with a few unpleasant side effects, which can throw your diet out of whack. Dietitian Robyn Lawrence shares her tips on how to handle it.

Week 16


There is a very real possibility you will begin to feel your little one moving for the first time, in the next few weeks!

baby lying on floor with toy block

Magic moments


A child’s milestones all happen in a predetermined sequence, says baby development expert Gill Connell, with every journey unique and wonderful in its own way. Here she explains the early major milest ...

Mum throwing baby in air

Protecting your pelvic floor

You & Your Family

Bladder weakness isn't usually something that new mums love talking about but it is incredibly common. Here are our tips for protecting your pelvic floor.

woman in exercise gear outdoors

Exercising caution

You & Your Family

So you’ve had your baby, recovered from the birth and now you’re ready to reclaim your body. We explain how to ease yourself back into exercise safely.

baby being winded over mums shoulder

Winding 101


The difference between a grizzly baby and a settled one is sometimes as simple as a big burp. Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole explains how to make that happen.

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We need to talk

You & Your Family

There’s something that affects nearly a third of Kiwi mums, yet no one seems keen to talk about it. Victoria Wells finds there’s a big black elephant in the room that needs confronting.

5 Sleep substitutes

You & Your Family

Tiredness is part and parcel of motherhood and while simply getting more sleep isn’t always an option you can ensure other factors aren’t making things worse.

Keep in check


As soon as you've discovered you're pregnant and found an LMC, the tests and check-ups begin. Here's the lowdown on what to expect and why they're part of the process.

pregnant woman lying sick in bed

Coping with Morning Sickness


In the early weeks one of the main symptoms many women experience is the dreaded morning sickness. Here are some ideas to combat the nausea:

two pregnant women stretching outdoors

Top 10 tips for safe exercise in Pregnancy


To help you stay fit and strong on your pregnancy journey, personal trainer and coach Todd Mantle has some tips on exercising safely.

Pregnant woman in a spa

Massage in pregnancy


Pregnancy can take a toll on your body so why not treat your weary limbs to a massage. We explore the positive benefits that massage has during this special time.

Pregnant woman sitting

Nutrition in the 3rd trimester


Dietician Robyn Lawrence's advice for eating well in the third trimester.

Pregnant woman with cramps

Cramps and Braxton Hicks


The different aches and pains during pregnancy can be a bit disconcerting, but tummy cramps and Braxton Hicks are all completely normal.

Mother walking with pram

Choosing a pram


A pram might be the priciest item you buy when you’re getting ready for baby’s arrival, so you want to spend your dollars wisely. Here are some key things you need to consider in order to identify whi ...

In the bank


More and more expectant parents are making the choice to bank their baby’s cord blood immediately after they’re born. Rebecca Williamson explains how it works and what you need to know.

Pregnant woman with eyes closed and hands on stomach lying in bed of yellow flowers



The journey from conception to the birth of your little one is one that although incredibly fulfilling, it is often a time of anxiety about all the changes and upcoming birth. We explore the practise ...

Newborn baby

Caesarean lowdown


One in four babies are born by caesarean in New Zealand. Tamara McLean explains why you might deliver this way, and what actually happens on the day.

Pain relief in labour

Pain relief options


We explain the most commonly used methods of pain relief during labour. Many women use a combination of these.

Unhappy campers


Everyone wants their child to be a happy little camper, here's how to help your baby with potential problems that can cause them discomfort.

Setting up your nappy area


The first nappy change is always a little daunting but having a well-organised nappy area will help make the process run as smoothly as possible for you and your baby. You’ll be a pro in no time!

baby sleeping in bassinet under mobile

The Whens Hows and Whys of Sleep


Baby sleep consultant Emma Purdue answers the most common questions when it comes to getting small people to snooze.

baby lying on their tummy on floor

The tummy time debate


There is a host of simple ways to help your baby develop their movement and it can be as easy as getting down on the floor.

Let's get physical

Our blogger and personal trainer Evana Patterson shares her top tips for getting back your fitness back after baby.