close up of pregnant woman getting acupuncture

Acupuncture in pregnancy


Many mums-to-be try out complementary treatments to help support their bodies and minds during pregnancy. Acupuncture is once such treatment that offers great help right from the 'trying' stage to the ...

Week 9


It may be a rough week this week as your HCG hormones will be going through the roof with all of the growing baby is doing.

Week 15


You have probably noticed a definite a baby bump now, and may find that you need to adjust certain positions whilst sleeping, driving and more.

Week 16


There is a very real possibility you will begin to feel your little one moving for the first time, in the next few weeks!

Week 33


You may have noticed a change in your baby’s positioning as he moves into the head down position ready for birth. Most babies will make this turn by week 36, although some don’t turn until a few days ...

Week 35


Slowly but surely the weeks are counting down.

Week 39


The process of waiting can be agony, and it may feel like your body is doing nothing, but in fact there is still a lot going on.

baby lying on floor with toy block

Magic moments


A child’s milestones all happen in a predetermined sequence, says baby development expert Gill Connell, with every journey unique and wonderful in its own way. Here she explains the early major milest ...

close up of unhappy baby

Challenges ahead


As your baby moves into toddlerhood from around 15 months, they’ll begin to experience developmental milestones that can simply seem like downright difficult behaviour. Jai Breitnauer explains the eig ...

Toddler sleeping

Sleep training a toddler


Babies are notorious for keeping their parents up at night but what happens when your toddler starts holding you to ransom?

woman in exercise gear outdoors

Exercising caution

You & Your Family

So you’ve had your baby, recovered from the birth and now you’re ready to reclaim your body. We explain how to ease yourself back into exercise safely.

Mother breastfeeding newborn baby

Supply & demand


Breastfeeding is often one of the first challenges after giving birth and many mums worry about having enough breast milk to satisfy their growing baby. Lactation consultant Trish Warder explains how ...

baby being winded over mums shoulder

Winding 101


The difference between a grizzly baby and a settled one is sometimes as simple as a big burp. Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole explains how to make that happen.

hand peace sign

Peace of mind

You & Your Family

If you find yourself feeling frazzled, guilty or emotional, then applying mindfulness techniques to your parenting could help. We consults the experts on how to do it.

Couple on bed

Love actually

You & Your Family

Having a baby can have a big impact on your relationship – and your sex life. Rebecca Williamson reports on the toll that new parenthood can take and how to keep the love alive.

Budgeting for baby

You & Your Family

Once you know you are pregnant, the amount of things you need to purchase and budget for can be overwhelming. We talk to the experts about what you can do both before and after baby arrives, to prepar ...

MAM Manual Breast Pump

You & Your Family

When expressing breastmilk two big factors in choosing a pump are comfort and function. The MAM Manual Breast Pump offers both with a comfortable secure fit, and adjustable suction strength. Read on f ...

Keep in check


As soon as you've discovered you're pregnant and found an LMC, the tests and check-ups begin. Here's the lowdown on what to expect and why they're part of the process.

two pregnant women stretching outdoors

Top 10 tips for safe exercise in Pregnancy


To help you stay fit and strong on your pregnancy journey, personal trainer and coach Todd Mantle has some tips on exercising safely.

Osteopathy in pregnancy


Osteopathy can offer mums-to-be many benefits from soothing those pregnancy aches and pains to preparing their body for birth.

Pre-baby blues


Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy: your ever-expanding body is blossoming, your skin glowing. However it’s not that way for every woman. For some mums-to-be, pregnancy can be a time of stress ...

Mum doing yoga with baby

Pregnancy exercise classes


Exercise is often put on the back-burner in winter, but when pregnant or recovering from birth it’s important to keep it up. We look at three different low impact classes sure to get you excited about ...

pregnant woman writing birth plan

Plan A


Birth can be an unpredictable process, but taking time to consider the options available to you and your baby can bring a sense of control and lessen anxiety. We asked a midwife and an obstetrician to ...

Mother walking with pram

Choosing a pram


A pram might be the priciest item you buy when you’re getting ready for baby’s arrival, so you want to spend your dollars wisely. Here are some key things you need to consider in order to identify whi ...

Baby nursery

Nursery checklist


Setting up baby's room is a fun part of preparing for your new arrival, but the choices can be overwhelming. Here's a handy guide of what you will need.

Newborn baby

Caesarean lowdown


One in four babies are born by caesarean in New Zealand. Tamara McLean explains why you might deliver this way, and what actually happens on the day.

5 Common questions about birth


Giving birth can be a daunting prospect for first-time mums. You really don’t know how it’s going to go until you’re there, doing it. We answer your burning questions.

Mum wearing baby



There are many benefits to wearing your baby, not just when they are a newborn but right throughout the first year and further. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a carrier.

close up of baby asleep under blanket

Your sleep questions answered


Baby Sleep Consultant Emma Purdue answers three important sleep questions.

The great dummy debate


Feeling guilty about giving your baby a dummy? Michelle D Souza finds it’s not as bad as it seems.