Week 20


Congratulations! You have reached the halfway point. Your tummy button may pop out around this time and stay that way till baby is born.

close up of mum kissing baby in bath

Sensory Pleasures


Bath time is a lovely, splashy affair for little ones and a comforting signal to parents that bedtime is not too far away, and now research shows just how beneficial it can be for everyone.

baby lying on floor with toy block

Magic moments


A child’s milestones all happen in a predetermined sequence, says baby development expert Gill Connell, with every journey unique and wonderful in its own way. Here she explains the early major milest ...

Beauty oils

Skincare during pregnancy

You & Your Family

Adapting your beauty routine for your hard-working pregnant body will help you feel good and stay radiant throughout. 

baby being winded over mums shoulder

Winding 101


The difference between a grizzly baby and a settled one is sometimes as simple as a big burp. Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole explains how to make that happen.

Go with your gut

You & Your Family

Research shows an important link between gut health and our mental and physical wellbeing. Casey McPike asks the experts how to ensure we can do the best for our insides and our family’s.

Pregnant woman with cramps

Cramps and Braxton Hicks


The different aches and pains during pregnancy can be a bit disconcerting, but tummy cramps and Braxton Hicks are all completely normal.

Pregnant tummy

Common skin issues in pregnancy


Find out about the most common skin issues during pregnancy.

Kathryn Wilson profile

Best foot forward


Superstar Kiwi shoe designer Kathryn Wilson on her new role as mum to Lola Belle

Newborn baby

Caesarean lowdown


One in four babies are born by caesarean in New Zealand. Tamara McLean explains why you might deliver this way, and what actually happens on the day.

Baby on change table

How to change a nappy


When you are starting out as a parent, the thought of changing a nappy can be quite daunting, so let us make the nappy changing process an easy one for you! After all, this is the time when you are fa ...

Superfoods for baby


It's never too soon to start slipping ‘superfoods’ into your child's diet. Packing a super punch of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they’ll help give your baby a great start.

Baby sleep

Facts about sleep


Baby Sleep Consultant Emma Purdue explains how to help your baby (and you!) to get a good night’s sleep.

Bedtime blues


As the use of sleep consultants becomes increasingly common, we spoke to three exhausted mums about what prompted them to seek help, what advice they were given and how it worked for them.

baby sleeping in bassinet under mobile

The Whens Hows and Whys of Sleep


Baby sleep consultant Emma Purdue answers the most common questions when it comes to getting small people to snooze.

woman walking with buggy in woods

Summer sleep tips


Baby sleep consultant Emma Purdue shares her advice for helping your little one to slumber in the warmer months

Baby massage

Loving touch


Massage can have a powerfully positive effect on your baby and is simple to learn to do at home

baby lying on their tummy on floor

The tummy time debate


There is a host of simple ways to help your baby develop their movement and it can be as easy as getting down on the floor.

Solid sleepers


Understanding how starting solids can affect your baby's sleep could save a lot of discomfort and wakeful nights. Our Baby Sleep Consultant, Emma Purdue, explains

Healing herbs

Healing herbs

Renowned plant medicine expert and founder of Artemis Sandra Clair on how the healing properties of certain herbs can assist in supporting postpartum wellbeing.

Let's get physical

Our blogger and personal trainer Evana Patterson shares her top tips for getting back your fitness back after baby.