Broken heart

Second time struggles


Mum-of-one Maylene Ash has been on a heartbreaking journey trying to create the big family she always dreamed of.

close up of woman holding scan photo to pregnant stomach

First Look


The 12-week ultrasound scan is the first chance most mums get to see their baby. Here is a list of what the sonographer will check during the scan.

woman holding retro phone

Make the call


What’s the difference between a midwife and an obstetrician and how do you choose who will care for your during pregnancy, birth and the newborn days?

pregnant woman lying sick in bed

Coping with Morning Sickness


In the early weeks one of the main symptoms many women experience is the dreaded morning sickness. Here are some ideas to combat the nausea:

close up of pregnant woman getting acupuncture

Acupuncture in pregnancy


Many mums-to-be try out complementary treatments to help support their bodies and minds during pregnancy. Acupuncture is once such treatment that offers great help right from the 'trying' stage to the ...

Pregnant woman sitting eating

Healthy eating in pregnancy


Your body is never more of a temple that when it has a precious new occupant. Naturopath Loula George advises how to look after it from the inside out.

Glass of water and pill

Happy pills


While the idea itself may be a little hard to swallow, Rebecca Williamson finds that many women attest to the positive effects of taking placenta capsules.

Pre-baby blues


Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy: your ever-expanding body is blossoming, your skin glowing. However it’s not that way for every woman. For some mums-to-be, pregnancy can be a time of stress ...

Mum doing yoga with baby

Pregnancy exercise classes


Exercise is often put on the back-burner in winter, but when pregnant or recovering from birth it’s important to keep it up. We look at three different low impact classes sure to get you excited about ...

supplements and vitamins

Supplements in pregnancy


Your nutritional needs change when pregnant and it can be confusing to know what is best. Here are our dietician's tips on supplements.

Pregnant tummy

Common skin issues in pregnancy


Find out about the most common skin issues during pregnancy.

First things first


We know that dietary and lifestyle factors can affect a healthy pregnancy, so we asked the experts to share their advice on the best ways to look after yourself at this important time.

pregnant woman writing birth plan

Plan A


Birth can be an unpredictable process, but taking time to consider the options available to you and your baby can bring a sense of control and lessen anxiety. We asked a midwife and an obstetrician to ...

Kathryn Wilson profile

Best foot forward


Superstar Kiwi shoe designer Kathryn Wilson on her new role as mum to Lola Belle

pregnant woman looking at scans

Be baby ready


Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole shares the 10 things she likes new parents to know before baby arrives.

Baby shower food

12 ways to celebrate your pregnancy


Being pregnant can feel like hard work at times so it’s important to find little ways to celebrate this special phase too. Here are 12 fun ways to mark the occasion.

Pregnant women amongst flowers



The journey from conception to the birth of your little one is one that although incredibly fulfilling, it is often a time of anxiety about all the changes and upcoming birth. We explore the practise ...

Pregnant woman holding up baby clothes

What to spend


Figuring out how to juggle your finances once you have a new member of the family is an important part of preparing for your new life as a parent. Here is a handy guide of what you will need to buy, a ...

Pregnancy week 6

Week 6


It might still be a little hard to wrap your head around the idea of being pregnant, but your little one now has a heartbeat!

Week 8


Many women find the first trimester the most difficult as they have all the symptoms, but can’t tell anyone! Hang in there, you are almost halfway!

Week 9


It may be a rough week this week as your HCG hormones will be going through the roof with all of the growing baby is doing.

Pregnancy week 10

Week 10


It may be a rough week this week as your HCG hormones will be going through the roof with all of the growing baby is doing.

Pregnancy week 11

Week 11


This is your last week in the first trimester! While your baby has been going through some big changes, for you the development has been slower but that is about to change with rapid growth on the car ...

Week 12


This week is a milestone week for both of you and you are now over the high risk period of your pregnancy.

Week 13


Welcome to the second trimester, this time is generally a lot quieter than the first with your hormones balancing out.

Week 14


This can be an awkward stage as you will have certainly noticed that your waistline changing, but you don’t necessarily look pregnant yet.

Week 15


You have probably noticed a definite a baby bump now, and may find that you need to adjust certain positions whilst sleeping, driving and more.

Week 16


There is a very real possibility you will begin to feel your little one moving for the first time, in the next few weeks!