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Treasures Points and Club

How do I join the Treasures Club

Becoming a Treasures Club member is free! All you need to do is complete our sign-up form and you’re in the Club.

How do I change my details on my account?

Login to your Treasure Club account, go to the top left hand side of website, see your name and click on the down arrow.

How do I stop receiving emails from Treasures?

Open one of the newsletters from Treasures, go to the bottom of the email and click on the unsubscribe link and follow the prompts. If you have any issues please get in touch with us!

Why can't I enter my rewards points?

As of 2019, the Treasures Rewards system has finished. Our competitions and prizes have moved to social media, so make sure you follow Treasures on Instagram and Facebook for your chance to WIN.

I’ve forgotten my password.

You can set up a new one by click on the Forgotten Password link on in the login drop down. You will receive an email with further instructions. 

Online Shopping

Secure online payment

Treasures does not capture or store your credit card information at any time - even temporarily. Treasures has partnered with the Payment Express, a PCI DSS compliant payments solutions and payment gateway for merchants worldwide. All payments are made directly to the Bank through the payment gateway. No part of the Treasures Online Shopping site has any access to your credit card information, giving you additional peace of mind.


What is the cost of delivery?


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to New Zealand addresses only.

How long does delivery take?

We know you like to get your orders fast!

We aim to have your order to you within 3-5 working days although it may be a little longer if you live in a remote area.

Damage or loss in transit is rare however if it happens we will take responsibility for it. Please call us to organise the return of damage goods or to report that a parcel has not arrived within the above timeframes.

Why has only part of my order been delivered?

If you have ordered multiple products, you may receive these boxes at slightly different times. We do try and avoid this; however, on occasion it is unavoidable. If you have experienced this, don’t stress your remaining boxes will be delivered to you shortly.

My order has not arrived?

If your order has not arrived, check whether a delivery note has been left by the courier. If you were not home, the courier may have chosen not to leave your order on the doorstep. Please contact the Treasures Team if there is no note and we will follow this up for you!

I am located overseas and want to buy Treasures Nappies – is this possible?

Unfortunately we are not able to process online orders from overseas. We do sell Treasures Nappies in select stores in Australia and Fiji, however we are unable to supply or sell our products outside of this territory online at the moment. 


How can I return my order?

Return details are printed on the packing slip affixed to your order. A full refund will be processed once your order is received by us.

Please Note: Only unopened, and unused, product can be returned.

Can I return partly used product?

Unfortunately we are unable to process returns for opened, or partly used, product.

Little Treasures Magazine

This magazine is no longer running

Little Treasures was discontinued, with our last issue being in Summer 2018. We are regularly updating our online articles both here and at treasurescare.co.nz.


Why doesn’t Treasures have boys and girls nappies?

Treasures follows the international standard of unisex nappies. Our nappies are carefully designed to absorb wetness and provide maximum comfort for both boys and girls.

Are all Treasures products New Zealand made?

Treasures open nappies have been made in New Zealand for over 40 years. Our Nappy Pants are made in Poland and our Wipes are made in China.

What are the Ingredients in Treasures Wipes?

We have deliberately kept the ingredients in Treasures Wipes to a minimum. We have carefully selected the most gentle and natural as possible ingredients, including naturally derived cleansers to ensure our wipes are gentle on babies skin.

Treasures Baby Wipes have no added fragrance, and are soap and alcohol free. They are also endorsed by Allergy New Zealand.

Why do you not make Treasures Baby Wipes in NZ?

Treasures Wipes have been developed for the NZ market in conjunction with a Global wipes manufacturing expert. The manufacturer has state of the art wipes manufacturing facilities all over the world. Their Chinese facility is the nearest to the end market which supplies the high quality branded wipes suited to the NZ consumer. Unfortunately there is not the technology in NZ to manufacture the product.

Why are Treasures Nappy Pants not made in New Zealand?

Our Nappy Pants are manufactured on a different machine which is not available in New Zealand, therefore we source from a state of the art manufacturing plant in Poland.  We are committed to ongoing manufacture of our open nappies in New Zealand where we employ over 350 staff across our manufacturing plants.

Are any Treasures products tested on animals?

We are happy to tell you that our products and their components are not tested on animals. Each of the components that make up a Treasures nappy has to pass a rigorous safety assessment including skin contact testing.

What are Treasures Nappies made from?

The materials in Treasures nappies are the same as in all nappies worldwide.  They are predominately made of: wood fibre, super absorbent material, polyethylene film, polypropylene nonwoven fabrics together with some fastening and elastic materials.  All materials undergo a stringent product safety assessment.  Treasures nappies have been proudly made in New Zealand for 40 years.