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July 27, 2016

What do mums want for their babies the second time around, once they’ve learned from their first?  We asked 10 mums what they knew they had to have with baby number two.

Bernadette, 29

 A head torch. It’s the best thing ever.  When I did night feeds, it used to bug me that I couldn’t adjust the lights from where I fed.  With the head torch, I was able to feed in our room without waking my partner.  He laughed and laughed at me when I got it, but now he says it was actually a really good idea.

Jenny, 34

Proper maternity clothes.  That probably seems a bit selfish, but we didn’t have much money when I had my first child and I made do with old yoga pants and t-shirts.  By the time my daughter arrived they looked horrible, and then I had to wear them for ages afterwards, which I hadn’t thought about at all!  So now I’m pregnant again, I’m buying actual maternity gear that I won’t be embarrassed to wear.

Natalie, 36

A baby hammock for my son to sleep in.  When number two came along I went out and bought one straight away.

Amanda, 31

A breastfeeding cushion.  I took a ‘she’ll be right’ approach first time round, using ordinary cushions and pillows.  But after I’d bought a proper U-shaped breastfeeding pillow I realised I’d been an idiot not to fork out for one the first time round.

Georgie, 27

A bumbo seat.  I didn’t have one with my daughter, but she loved it when she tried one at a friend’s place.  I managed to borrow one when my son was born and he’s used it heaps.  It was really easy to fling in the car and use as a portable highchair when travelling once he started solids.

Sandra, 29

A double breast pump.  I had no idea how much time I’d spend expressing, and I could have halved my time by having a double pump.  It wasn’t cheap but I calculated that saving 25 minutes a day over six months I would save myself 75 hours of expressing.  Totally worth it because it’s definitely not my favourite thing to do.

Gabi, 32

A better front pack, with buckles and clips, rather than just ties – I had one that tied up and it was hard to use.  I am also having a dimmer switch installed for the light in my baby’s bedroom.

Jasmine, 36

A stroller that was set up for my baby to sleep flat in bed.  I bought an expensive stroller the first time round, and my son didn’t sleep in it much, it put him kind of half-up, half-down.  I’m quite particular about them sleeping flat in a proper bed.  The new stroller was even more expensive than the first one, but it converts to a sitting up stroller later.  It was worth it for me.

Rachel, 34

A baby sling.  With my second, the sling was exceptionally handy to cart around the newborn while still having both hands free to take care of the toddler.

Kathryn, 39

The ability to ask for help.  I had all the gear I needed for my second child – it wasn’t material things that I needed, it was more help.

By Amy Hamilton-Chadwick

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