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October 26, 2018

Nurture a precious relationship between you and baby as you ensure bathtub-bliss...

Giving your newest member of the family a bath for the first time is a significant parenting milestone. As adults, we know that pre-bedtime tub time can provide supreme relaxation for the mind and body at the end of a long day. It’s similar for babies. The warm water not only cocoons their little bodies, reminding them of the womb, it also encourages relaxation, brain development and supports their wellbeing. 

But bathing your little one for the first time can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re a new parent. Some babies are water creatures who take to the water naturally. Others wriggle around, are uncertain, and may cry throughout the whole process. Whatever your baby's temperament it’s important to remain calm and confident whilst gently soothing them. When it comes to the best bathtime products to pick, choose the best, gentle products that not only cleanse baby, but aid relaxation and also work towards encouraging a bond between the both of you. Our go-to bathtime essentials are products by Johnson's. Certainly no stranger to families, their range is a firm favourite, spanning generations - most of us can remember them from our own childhoods! To create a blissful bath and bedtime routine for your growing tot, follow our guide:

Temperature check

Prep your tub. Make sure the water is at a warm temperature (around 37 degrees Celsius, dip your elbow in to test).

Bubble up!

Pour Johnson’s Baby Bubble Bath under the running water. Older tots will love watching the bubbles form and grow. It makes bath time something they will look forward to and there’s no need to save it for special occasions, or once a week as it’s gentle to use frequently and won’t irritate their skin. 

Make memories 

Teeny babies may feel a little vulnerable when plunged into water. Reassure them as you hold and massage their little bodies, keeping their head well above water, spooning the water continuously over their tummies to keep them warm. Remember, no splashing allowed! Use a cotton pad or muslin cloth to gently clean their face and ears. Be careful of their eyes, a baby cannot blink or produce tears until he or she is a little older. Pour Johnson’s Top-To-Toe Baby Wash into your hand and massage over baby’s stomach. Your little one’s skin is ten times more sensitive than adults so this mild cleanser is perfect for their delicate, thin skin with Johnson's famed No More Tears technology. If your little one is not settling, try singing to them in a soft voice, whilst using Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Bath. With added NaturalCalm essences - a blend of soothing aromas, your baby will be relaxed and enjoy a restful sleep. If you have older tots, get them involved too. Add bath toys to the tub but remember to wash them first - just because they are in the water doesn’t mean they are clean. 

Rub a dub…

Washing your baby’s hair isn’t necessary every day, especially when it comes to shampooing. But when you do, gently wet baby’s hair and put a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo onto your hand. Massage gently onto their head gently until it lathers, use a small cup and pour off. Soothing or shushing as you go. We love this baby shampoo as it’s super gentle and mild.


When you have wrapped and dried your baby post-bath in a soft towel, use Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion, made using NaturalCalm essences, and massage over baby. Glide your hands over your baby’s skin. Hum, or speak softly. Go to Spotify and play a relaxation playlist. Massage your little one with the lotion to soothe them to sleep. Massage is great for relaxation, a deeper sleep, and a greater wellbeing and to help bonding between parent and child.

Popular bathing myths - debunked 

Myth #1: Daily washing - As adult humans, an imbedded concern is excess body odour. Due to this, we have taken to washing daily due to societal perception. Children, until they go through hormonal changes, do not need to be washed every day. It's also advisable to wait a day or two before baby's first bath. They are born with a protective layer (vernix) that keeps them warm and prevents bacteria from reaching the skin. Avoid washing the vernix off. Bathe baby two or three times a week, but keep their face, neck and nappy area clean. 

Myth #2: Toddlers are old enough to take their own bath - This is a MYTH. Parents, you should never leave your child unattended, though they may look a little older and more independent. 

Myth #3: Bath toys don't need to be cleaned - Think about how often you use those toys and how often you use shampoo or soap to wash your tot. The product plus the dirty water will cling to the toys and create mold. Give them a scrub!

Myth #4: Don't bathe baby when they are sick - A warm bath can often help settle your little one, especially if they associate bathtime with relaxation, or play. It can also help with congestion. Do what you think is best. 

Myth #5: Don't use products on baby - Johnson's Baby products undergo a five step safety process. All of the raw materials used are tested thoroughly. Johnson's work closely with dermatologists, paediatricians, opthamologists and midwives to clinically prove that all ingredients involved are safe and suitable for skin, whilst being gentle on the environment.

Myth #6: You need all the bells and whistles - A small tub (or even a small sink) is fine. Don't feel you have to purchase a high end tub made just for baby. All you need is a sturdy hand to support their back and a soft washcloth. 

Best for bathtime

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