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March 29, 2018

Create lasting bathtime memories with a keepsake bubble-bath bottle from ecostore - personalised with a photo of your little one 

From the moment you bring your precious baby home from the hospital, bathtime with your children is magic. In the early days, when it’s all about feeding and sleeping, bathtime is a way for dads to get involved – and the rest of the family, too. Tiny babies are slippery little things, and some of your earliest, most precious memories will be learning to handle your newborn's delicate body with confidence.  

As baby grows into a toddler, there will be battles! We’ve all come up against a contrary two-year-old who refuses to get into the bath – and then, once you’ve cajoled and bribed them into it, refuses to get out. At this age bubble bath comes into its own. Older kids too, who may think they’re too cool for bathtime, will always be tempted by the sight of a foam-filled bath.

Bubble up the love with ecostore bubble bath,  made up of plant based ingredients to cleanse and condition baby's delicate skin. This way you can be sure the safest ingredients are coming into contact with your little one’s mouth and skin.

Now, with ecostore’s personalised bottles, your children will have another reason to leap into the bath.

"My kids are three and eight but they still love a bucket bath with bubbles. We fill up the tubs using the showerhead, which gets up a good head of frothing, foaming bubbles." 
- Bianca Zander, Editor of Little Treasures Magazine

Head on over to their website to register and receive your very own personalised bubble bath!

* Campaign runs from 2 - 22 April 2018 or until stock runs out. RRP $19.99

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