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August 10, 2018

With New Zealand Fashion Week only a few weeks away, we talked to Belly Bandit, the top post-pregnancy shape wear collection recommended by physicians, fitness experts and new mums...

Belly Bandit. Such a great name! Where did your inspo come from?

Lori Caden, one of the three sisters who founded Belly Bandit in 2008, had recently delivered her first baby, when someone gave her a hand because they thought she was pregnant! Enter Lori’s sisters Jodi and Kari. Armed with an abundance of empathy, they began with a timeless and beautiful truth: "From the moment a woman learns she's expecting, she starts to nurture her baby-to-be. But who's there to nurture the mother?" The ingenious answer to that question is what led to the birth of Belly Bandit and the appropriate brand name.

In a nutshell, how does the Belly Bandit wrap work?

The original belly wraps by Belly Bandit were designed to help tighten and shrink the belly, waist and hips post-pregnancy, to speed recovery, to aid in healing, and to provide much-needed support for overstressed muscles and joints. Today, Belly Bandit's lineup has grown to include bands and clothing to support the mum before, during and after pregnancy.

Belly Bandit isn’t just to improve appearance. What are the health benefits?

The belly wraps help minimize stretch marks, adds support to the back and legs, helps to gently persuade muscles back together, aids in decreasing bloating and swelling, supports the upper body during breast feeding and helps improve posture. The Bamboo Wraps are particularly good after a C-section as the material helps draw moisture away from the wound to promote healing. Belly Bandit® is the top post-pregnancy shapewear collection recommended by physicians, nurses, hospitals, doulas, fitness experts and of course, new mums.

What is your top-selling or most popular product?

The Upsie Belly® pregnancy support band, with the hot/cold therapy gel pack which fits neatly into the back pocket is one of our most popular products. As soon as the mum-to-be tries it on, she gets instant relief from her back and hip aches. This ingenious product can be worn backwards after giving birth as a belly wrap.

What can we expect to see in the Little Treasures NZFW runway show?

Nobody understands what a woman wants better than other women. Belly Bandit® is owned by women and we truly care about every teeny tiny detail of our products. We sweat the small stuff. We research and research. We test our products. We talk to mums just like you, and we are constantly refining our current products and adding new products. As the creators of the first ever postpartum compression band, we provide a revolutionary range of products to wrap you in perfection at every stage. At the NZFW Runway Show you will see some of our fabulous products, made famous by the mums of Hollywood, and now loved by mums throughout New Zealand.


Don't miss the Little Treasures Mum & Kids show at NZ Fashion week. Book your tickets here!

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