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October 24, 2017

Despite my mother's incessant pestering my whole life, I've never been a clean freak explains Little Treasures Editor, Hayley Barnett ...

perhaps that's why. And now, with a toddler waging war on my house every day, I’m even less inclined to tidy up when I know it’s a total waste of time. But, awaiting the arrival of baby number two, I can’t seem to walk past a skirting board without shuddering.

Being pregnant throws me into an obsessive compulsive state – I notice dirt everywhere. Finding the time (and motivation) to clean that dirt is still an issue. So I turned to the cleaning experts at Goodnest for help. They suggested a ‘deep clean’ – usually suited to houses about to undergo a tenancy inspection before moving out. 

Which I suppose is why Shuba, my assigned cleaner, looked puzzled upon entering my house and finding it was not only stuffed full of furniture, it could possibly feature as a house on one of those ‘Hoarders’ shows. But this didn’t deter Shuba.

Armed with buckets of cleaning products, and some strange Ghostbusters-type equipment, she set to work while I put my feet up and played with my phone. She dusted, mopped, vacuumed, wiped, degreased and washed my three-bedroom unit within an inch of its life. Three hours later, I could hardly recognise the place. To quote my partner when he arrived home, “It looks so white!” Bizarrely, our home’s interior is actually painted white but he’d never noticed.

Shuba had completely cleaned and dusted the exterior of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms, including light fittings and shades, banisters, furniture and walls, along with the usual cleaning of floors, benches, etc.

The beauty of the deep clean is that you can add ‘extras’ like an oven clean, fridge clean, mould removal and windows. I added an oven clean and Shuba assured me they don’t use harsh chemicals so I could cook straight away.  

Two weeks later, I’m still happy when I return home and find it’s in a manageable, germ-free state. Even my toddler’s best efforts to sabotage this feeling have failed and I’m glad to say I’m much less stressed about bringing a newborn into our chaotic environment. 

Thanks Goodnest! 

For more information, visit the Goodnest website

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