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March 8, 2018

Give your baby the best start in life...

It can be hard to juggle breastfeeding in daily life and being able to share feeding duties can be a life line. There can be so many minefields when you have a busy household, a new born and your milk flow is erratic throughout the day. A good breastpump can be a godsend and piece of mind, knowing you have a supply for your little one in the fridge or freezer. 

If you're a breastpump novice, or looking to swap to a different pump, stepping into the arena can be intimidating. It is important that you choose a pump that will suit you, fit seamlessly into your daily routine, be comfortable to use - and prove a hit with your little one! 

That's where we come in. We asked ten new mums to trial two of the top models on the market for one month. Here's what they thought.

Katherine Quintus

I used a Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump with my first child and express because my newborn has a low weight gain due to his tongue tie. I need to express to keep my supply up and to give regular breast milk top ups.  On average, I express four times a day, sometimes more. I try to express every fourth hour, but it is probably close to six.

I found the pump very easy to assemble, even when holding my baby. The massage cushion was comfortable on the breast and fitted well, even my E-cup breasts! 

The cushion assisted with great stimulation and helped the milk flow quickly and easily, taking a couple of pumps to flow into the bottle. 

I found the pump easy to work/use no matter what position I stood, sat or walked. Milk flow was affected, however, if I relaxed, sitting back on the sofa. I have a busy household so it was easier and faster to express on the move and it usually expressed 60ml from each breast in one sitting in 10-15 minutes.

Philips Avent Breastmilk Storage cups

I used both the storage cups and natural bottles to express into. It was very easy to attach to the pump with no leaks. I often fed from them straight away and stored the milk in glad bags in the freezer instead of the cups because I have more milk to store than cups available. Glad bags also take up less space.

Philips Avent Natural Bottles

I’m trying to combine breastfeeding and breastmilk feeds via a bottle, bottle feeding twice a day, using the 125ml bottles. It wasn’t easy for the baby to latch onto the teat, I have tried other brands too but as she is tongue and lip tied she struggles to latch to any teat from any bottle brand. She sucks in too much air which stops her trying to drink from the bottle. We are lucky if we can get her to drink 10ml from the bottle. 


The ease of use of the Philips Avent breast feeding kit has made our journey a lot easier. I can express what I need to without taking too much time away from our baby and toddler, all while being comfortable, able to multitask and move around with the kids. 

I would definitely recommend this product to other mums who want a simple, quick, comfortable and easy breast pump to help them on their journey of breastfeeding.


Natalie Dickson 

I’m finding the Philips Manual breast pump absolutely fantastic. With my first child, I had an electric pump that I didn’t like, 

which put me off pumping. This time with my next son, the experience is completely different. I’m giving my son a bottle every two days, trying to get him used to it so that we can leave him with his grandparents if we need to.

The pump is comfortable to use with the soft rubber shield, it’s also on a great angle so you can sit comfortably too.

It had straight forward instructions so that it was easy to assemble. The first time I used the pump, I expressed 70mls in 10 minutes.

I love how it pumps straight into the bottle and you can swap the pump out for the bottle te

at and you are good to go! My son at six weeks has 125mls, so I pump until the small bottle is full, screw on the teat and off he goes!

He has taken to the new bottles perfectly, thank goodness. They are a great size, easy to hold and great that they came with the bottle brush, too. Also, I have used the storage cups a lot as I’m trying to get a stash of milk in the freezer. Milk defrosts perfectly!

So far, I’m loving the product and am so grateful that I was chosen to try it. I’ll be telling all my Mama friends.

Brittany Duncroft

As a woman who has had a child before, knowing I didn’t have the greatest milk supply made me sceptical that the Philips Avent manual breast pump would work for me with my second child. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to express milk using it, let alone get enough to store in the freezer and build a supply for my partner to help with feeding; I was so wrong.

This pump was so easy to use, it was quick and easy to set up and once placed on your breast it was a breeze.

The suction was always very comfortable and was never sore, I was surprised how much milk I got from my first time using it and with constant use it increased my milk supply enough that I could start storing excess in the freezer. The storage containers were great as you could just attach them straight onto the bottle and once done place them into the freezer for later use.

Cleaning the pump was simple, everything on the pump was easy to detach to ensure you could clean it for the next use. I was worried about not being able to but it back together, but again I was spurned at how simple it was.

In the month that I was lucky enough to trial this product, I quickly learnt the best and most convenient time to use the Philips Avent manual pump. I enjoyed using the pump at night after my baby had gone to bed, that way I was able to relax and get the best result, which was always a full bottle of milk in 20-30 minutes. I also have only come across a few imperfections in the product, one being it seemed a little top heavy when having a full bottle of expressed milk attached to the bottom; I had a horrifying experience (breastmilk is like gold) when the pump had fallen over with a whole bottle of milk nearly spilling it everywhere, luckily, I had the stopper on, preventing spillage. Another imperfection was using the storage cups with the breast pump adaptor, it always seemed to cross thread when putting it on resulting in spilt milk everywhere. I discovered that you had to be very gentle and avoid screwing them on too tight. 

My overall experience with the Philips Avent breast pump was a positive one. I would highly recommend the product to any expectant mother who is looking into buying an easy and simple breast pump, one that is comfortable in everyday use.

Amber Nicholson 

This was my first time to use a Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast pump, having used other brands before. I express once, sometimes twice a day in the morning so my partner can feed my daughter when I’m unable to. I have a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis which means sometimes I’m tired and having a supply helps! 

The pump was very easy to assemble, though I did have difficulty with the valve and handle, I figured it out easily. It would, however, have been beneficial to have a diagram of instructions on how to assemble. The soft massage cushion was comfortable with good suction though I had to lean forward to get more milk flow. Over 10 minutes I got an average of 30ml to 70ml. I wanted to love this product as it was a great size and I loved the design. However, I found it hard to use and I didn't get much milk as I have experience before.

Storage cups

I used the storage cups to express into and found the cup/adapter to pump connection very easy and it was amazing for quick storage. I put the cups in both the fridge and freezer and thought they were great in both; they’re very helpful. 

Natural bottles

I combine breastfeeding and expressed breastmilk feeds via a bottle, but on occasion we use formula as a top up.

I found that the storage cups and bottles were fantastic though I didn’t love the pump. I would ask for more detailed instructions with the pump as maybe this was stopping me using it to my full potential. I would definitely recommend the storage cups and bottles; we use them for my little one’s food as they work really well for that, too!

Jessica Watkins 

I’ve never used the Phillips Avent breast pumps, I’ve only used the Tommy Tippee Close to Nature pumps, and Haakaa. I express to increase my supply and try to do this one to three times daily, either first thing or at night.

I found the product very easy to use, the soft massage cushion was very comfortable with great seal and suction and assisted with stimulation straight away.

I managed to express 30ml in 10 minutes. I wasn’t able to express hands free, however, as I found it takes two hands to pump and keep in place. It was also very squeaky!

I used the storage cups and found that they were very convenient to use. I placed the cups in the fridge so that I could feed the next day. I am combining breastfeeding and expressed breastmilk feeds with a bottle, feeding from a bottle once a day in a 260ml bottle.

Thank you Treasures for the wonderful opportunity. 

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