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August 21, 2017

On Sunday the 3rd September, we are presenting our very first show at NZ Fashion Week! Little Flock of Horrrors are one of the labels hitting the runway with us with their fun, stylish, merino childrens-wear. We talk to them about their new range and the trends kids fashion.  

What can we expect to see on the runway from Little Flock of Horrors?

We can’t wait to show our Winter 2018 collection at the Little Treasures Kids Show at NZ Fashion Weekend.  In true LFOH style you can expect to see a ton of sass, attitude for days and maybe even a couple of tantrums thrown in for good measure.  Every garment in our collection is made from 100% merino wool and we’re pretty sure your mind will be blown when you see how we’ve incorporated it into colour block panels, allover screenprinting details, punchy sweatshirt slogans and drapey dresses.  

Are there any trends in kids fashion at the moment that you are excited about?

With the majority of kids clothing being manufactured offshore it’s easy to forget the human element that goes into making a garment, so I’m really loving the recent groundswell of customers questioning where their “stuff” comes from and wanting to “meet the maker”.  Because we’re involved in every step of the process, from working with the merino wool farmers to our local pattern maker, we touch each garment in so many ways.  It’s really important to know where your clothes are coming from and who’s making them and I can’t see this trend dying down anytime soon.  Origin definitely matters!

How do you balance creating clothing that is functional and practical but also fun and stylish?

We never take ourselves too seriously, I think that has a lot to do with it!  Our kids, Iggy and Frankie, keep us grounded in kid-reality and provide a solid sounding board when it comes to style and patterns.  Sure, we follow seasonal influences and trends but at the heart of LFOH is a passion (make that obsession) with creating cool merino clothing for kids.  A few years ago you wouldn’t be caught dead dressing your kids in pair of trackies, flash forward to 2017 and most kids have some version of a stylised trackpant of drop crotch pant in their wardrobe so an evolution of style has definitely been occurring in kidswear.  

Your children’s clothing range is 100% merino. Why did you opt for just this fabric? What makes it perfect for kidswear. 

Ahhhhhh, where to even start on why merino is the best fabric on earth for kids?!  In a nutshell it’s: 100% natural, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% renewable.  It also regulates body temperature, insulating when their core temperature drops and breathing when they get too hot.  Don’t forget about kid stink!  Merino repels odour so it doesn’t get stinky like cotton or poly blends.  It’s pretty might the most awesome fabric ever!


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