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April 5, 2017

Get your copy of our new special collectors edition, the Little Treasures Baby Book, and record your little one's journey from pregnancy through to their first birthday! 


The Little Treasures Baby Book is a special collector’s edition featuring adorable illustrations and is a place where you can record your journey through parenthood and all your little one's milestones. It also includes expert advice and information you can turn to for guidance on all the baby basics, from recognising tired signs to starting solids. 

The Baby Book will guide you through each stage including:

  • Waiting for baby

Family tree, Scans, Pregnancy Journal, Baby Shower, Birth Plan, Budgeting tips

  • Baby's arrival

Birth info, On This Day, Visitors, First Bath

  • Feeding

Breastfeeding tips, Bottle Basics, Feeding Plan, Starting Solids

  • Sleeping

Bedtime routines, Settling, Tired Signs, Sleep Habits

  • Development

Milestones, Teething Tips, Hands & Feet, My Firsts, Growth, Funny Things

Order your copy here!

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