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November 14, 2018

As the sun shines with the longer, brighter days of summer, it’s a time of new beginnings – a new year and one of growth for families around the country.

For many years Little Treasures has joined generations of mothers and fathers on the amazing, rewarding journeys of parenthood. It started with New Zealand nappy company Treasures’ heartfelt mission to support Kiwi families, and so a magazine dedicated to helpful, thoughtful stories was born. 

‘Over the years, our partners, our editorial contributors and advertisers have helped Little Treasures to evolve to a much-loved website, social community and special events where parenthood could be celebrated’, says publisher Melissa Gardi.

With a view to supporting more Kiwi families, Treasures has decided that moving forward will be home to Little Treasures content and accessible anywhere, anytime for free. ‘In a response to the changing ways audiences engage with content, our community will be able to access content – whenever they want it – on’ 

Unfortunately, this does mean the final print edition of Little Treasures magazine, will be the Summer 2018, Issue 183. 

We’d love you to keep in touch! Join us on our social media platforms, or email us at if you would like to contribute to our community. Thank you for your commitment and contributions to Little Treasures magazine over the many years, we really do appreciate it.

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