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August 21, 2017

With NZ Fashion Week only a few days away we talked to Rebecca McLeod,  founder of Made4Baby Natural Skincare who are one of the sponsors for our Little Treasures Kids Show! 

Why is it important to use natural products on your child?

Before founding Made4Baby I worked in Paris at the OECD with toxicologists on the impact of chemicals in skincare, this led to 10 years ago us launching the Made4Baby range with a focus on natural ingredients, no harsh detergents, colours or artificial fragrances. It is important to remember that skin is very absorbent, and babies skin is three times thinner than adult skin – so we are focused on “future skin health” caring for the skin from the start in the best natural way possible. Also, over the last 10 years, we have become very focused on the importance of fragrance free products, as any fragrance, even natural essential oils, can be irritating on babies sensitive skin.

Why did you decide to add a sunblock to your range?

We wanted to launch a sunscreen as our first product 10 years ago when we launched Made4Baby, but we couldn’t get a formula that ticked all our boxes. About 2 years ago, we started seeing some advances in natural formulations that made us start the process again. Finally we had the product we wanted – SPF 50, 2 hours water resistant, UVA and UVB and most importantly, tested in Australia to the AUST/NZ standard.

Is it suitable for the whole family?

Yes, absolutely! Who wouldn’t want to give their family the best sun protection possible. We have really worked hard to make sure we had a natural sunscreen that rubs in well – it’s never going to run in the same as a chemical based sunscreen as it is a physical blocker from the sun rather than a chemical blocker (in simple terms) but it doesn’t leave a white film and we have had great feedback from customers with allergies as well. It’s always important when you are popping sunscreen on the kids that you are covered too!

What is your favourite product from the baby range?

This is a tough question, I have made all these products when I have seen a need in my own family, so they are all designed with love but the most useful and favourite in our house is the Botty Barrier Crème – it goes on everything – any rash, itchy bite, dry lip and even chicken pox. My 11 year old son even took it to camp with him! A close second is the Foaming Hair and Body Wash which we all use for washing, and the boys love the Spray In Knots Out Detangler, for keeping their hair under control for school!




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