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August 23, 2017

With NZ Fashion Week only a few days away we talked to Mountain Buggy, one of our sponsors for the Little Treasures Kids Show about their design inspiration. 


With modernistic styling and renewed functionality, Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan luxury cleverly blurs the line between fashion and the parenting world. With cosmopolitan luxury about to take to the catwalk in our Mum & Kids fashion show during NZ Fashion week, we wanted to get of the heart of how this NZ-based company succeeds at making a fashion statement on the world stage. 

What inspires your design in terms of the colours and patterns for the buggy ranges?

The fabric inspiration for cosmopolitan - the luxury collection was drawn from high end fashion, and on trend timeless geometric prints. cosmopolitan luxury in GEO exudes quality,  luxury and a fashion forward, sophisticated, premium look and feel.

How important is great style in the design process?

Mountain Buggy's fabric design conveys the timeless aesthetic that Mountain Buggy is known for. During the design process, our in house textile designer, Jane Hills works closely alongside our engineers to ensure a fashion forward,  aesthetic appeal is achieved across our buggy range.

When creating your buggies how do you balance style with functionality and practicality?

Parents not only seek a quality product that looks ready to take off-road, but also has a fashion forward look and feel. We balance style and functionality by being at the forefront of fashion trends as well as maintaining our strong customer connections. We listen, we develop, we deliver. This ensures Mountain Buggy is relevant to today’s modern parents, yet stays true to the brands authenticity and heritage. 

Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan luxury provides flexibility and freedom to live life without limit; from the luxurious bassinet (made of 100% viscose from bamboo fibre) for your newborn, to a beautifully tailored rear and forward facing seat that provides choice for your child to face you, or view the world. This luxurious package in a sticking geo print is complete with matching parenting satchel. 

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