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August 23, 2017

With NZ Fashion Week only a few days away we talked to phil & teds, one of our sponsors for the Little Treasures Kids Show about their design inspiration.

The phil&teds mod buggy will put some rock & roll in your daily stroll! Just launched this year, parents in NZ & beyond are already loving mod's adaptable 4-in-1 seat & chic design. With mod about to take to the catwalk in our Mum & Kids fashion show during NZ Fashion Week, we wanted to get to the heart of how this NZ-based company succeeds at making a fashion statement on the world stage.

What inspires your design in terms of the colours and patterns for the buggy ranges?

"The inspiration for the new phil&teds mod print comes from the classic modernism art movement and the likes of Mondrian.... but we have put our own 'modern' twist on the designs. Classic modernism works consist of regular geometric shapes and lines that all match up. Our designs are juxtaposed with mismatching lines and shapes. Colours are fresh and poppy (not to mention Phil&Tedsy), with inspiration taken from 2017 PV and Textile view colour forecasting" - Jane Hills - Textile Designer

How important is great style in the design process? 

"Style is the first draw card to attracting a closer look. We use the phrases 'I look', 'I get', and 'I feel' to validate our designs - I look is the style element, I get is the functional attributes, and I feel is all about the the user experience!" phil&teds Lead Designer - Phil Brace

When creating your buggies how do you balance style with functionality and practicality? 

"With the 'I look', 'I get', and 'I feel' as a triangle we try to maximise the spread of style, function, and practicality within the triangle to have a well balance design. Sometimes we would weight the balance between style and function depending on the market expectations, but we always prioritise highly the practicality and user experience." phil&teds Lead Designer - Phil Brace

With four stylish colours available - abstract, capri, zest & noir, the mod buggy from phil&teds will make you feel ready to strut your stuff, even if your 'stuff'' is sleep-deprivation & a messy 'mum bun'.

Don't miss this awesome show, get your tickets here!


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