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July 25, 2017

25 July 2017

On Monday evening, the Fair Go program on NZTV1 ran a segment on the new Treasures Comfort nappies. The segment featured a consumer who complained about the new nappies after her young child used them overnight.

 Said Angela Thorpe, Marketing Manager: “We take every one of our customer complaints seriously and appreciate customers taking the time to provide their feedback. Customer feedback is important to us to help make our products better.” 

 In the segment, the consumer claims the new nappies are not “fit for purpose” and may be a “hazard.” At one point in the segment, the reporter and the consumer attempt to test a Junior-sized nappy using a large amount of liquid dyed blue.

 It is our view that Fair Go’s segment on Treasures nappies is inaccurate in its representation and misleading.

 The test undertaken on the program is not representative of what actually occurs when a child uses a nappy. The volume of liquid used and the rate it was poured for the test is much greater and faster than a typical Junior-sized child would expel.

 Super absorbent polymer or SAP used in a nappy takes a short time to activate, hold and contain the moisture. The pad itself will hold the moisture initially until the SAP is activated. A nappy is designed to absorb and provide leakage protection when the nappy is around a baby’s torso. The test was conducted on a flat benchtop. Fair Go did not verify the method or the quantities used prior to testing the product. The test is untrue in its representation of what normally occurs when a Junior-sized child uses a Treasures Comfort nappy.

 All materials used in Treasures nappies are safe. There is a very low incidence of consumers reporting that nappies have broken open. Since the new nappy launch, there has not been an increase in nappy breakage complaints. Any brand of nappy has the potential to break open when it reaches the maximum capacity for absorbency. 

 The Treasures nappy was redesigned based on research that showed families with babies preferred a less bulky nappy. The new nappy follows market trends with designs moving to offer the same absorbency and a more comfortable fit with improved nappy technology.

 “Extensive research goes into the development of all our nappies. We don’t stop there – we continue to test and make improvements,” said Thorpe.

“In developing the new Treasures Comfort, more than 5,500 samples were tested on Kiwi babies. A majority of consumers who sampled the new nappy told us it is as good or better than the previous nappy design.

 “It is not uncommon to have some complaints when introducing a product redesign. We have had some complaints from parents which represent .04 per cent of all packs sold since the launch. We have personally followed up with each of these consumers to learn more from their feedback and if needed, to make improvements to the product.”

 Treasures has produced premium quality New Zealand-made nappies for Kiwi babies for over 40 years. New factory technology has enabled the Company to develop a more compact and efficient absorbency pad that is more comfortable for baby and less bulky. The Company launched the new Treasures Comfort nappy in June.


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