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August 25, 2017

With NZ Fashion Week only a few days away we talked to whitegold. about what we can expect to see on the runway, and the latest trends in kids fashion. 

What can we expect to see on the runway from whitegold?

whitegold. is showcasing three of my favourite NZ kids fashion brands that have grown with whitegold. over the past three years.
They all have their unique style and diversity each season which is perfect as it offers customers so many wardrobe options. 
These quality kids fashion brands are continuing to create garments that are not gender specific, allowing mum's to recycle them through all siblings!  I myself have a daughter who LOVES monsters, so Band Of Boys quite frequently is her daily choice. On the runway expect NZ kids fashion at its best! All the brands showcase unique, comfortable and mature designs, but seriously fun prints creating explosive summer vibes for our fashion conscious mum's & kids!!

Are there any trends in kids fashion at the moment that you are excited about?

The boho chic look for sure I am in LOVE with! But I will always be strongly drawn to monochrome & textures, following adult fashion trends but with a young fun vibe from a yardage print, frills or memorable quote!

What do you look for in children’s clothing when it comes to choosing what to stock in whitegold?


Kids fashion is expensive! I know because I have expensive taste - but like all mum's I have a limit and weekly allowance! As a buyer I am able to sift through brands, filtering out the less desirable garments for whitegold. customers.  Educating the customers about the brand and the perfect item for their kids wardrobe is my mission! And I totally live for the perfect sale every time! 

You are a mum yourself, how do you balance motherhood with running whitegold?

Balance... As a new mum just recently, I am struggling for balance! Three kids, two retail stores and dairy farming in Waimana is definitely a mission most days. But when you LOVE your job, it doesn't feel like work most days. We are planning a family trip to Auckland next week, first holiday together in over  one year, but the main reason is for NZ Fashion Week! So I am going to be working while taking time out, not ideal, but I love the direction the shops are taking me & my family at the moment, so we are enjoying the ride while we can as a family! 

Don't miss this awesome show, get your tickets here!

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