RMHC® New Zealand supports families when their child is in a hospital away from home.
The Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Family Room® programmes take care of the practical things in life so families can focus on their child staying in a hospital away from home.

Each year we offer 3,700 families across NZ accommodation and support free of charge. This helps to relieve stresses like paying for a place to sleep near the hospital, organising family meals and needing a friendly ear to listen on tough days. Simply, we give families with a hospitalised child what they need most — each other.

You can use your points to donate to RMHC New Zealand. For every 50 point donation, we will be providing RMHC New Zealand with a pack of Treasures Nappies to help this amazing charity support these families in need.

Donate online: https://rmhc.org.nz/donate/ or for more information contact: fundraising@rmhc.org.nz

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