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June 27, 2019

Pregnancy brings with it a whole host of body changes, and the first one to show will most probably be your breasts. Learn what is to be expected during this time. 

When are my breasts going to get bigger?

Long before your stomach pops out, your boobs will be on the move. Some women rejoice at the presence of a bosom where there was none, while others complain of sore, swollen or tender breasts while the milk glands expand and hormones prepare a woman’s body for breastfeeding. Most will go up at least a cup size – often within the very first six weeks of pregnancy – and by the ninth month the average woman experiences an additional kilos of weight just in her breasts. Expect the under-bust measurement to increase by several inches too.

How are my breasts going to change in appearance?

Your skin can start to look like a blue map as veins become more apparent with the increase of blood flow. Your nipples get in on the action as they grow in definition and the areola gets larger and darker with the increase of estrogen. Don’t be surprised if you observe small bumps starting to form – the Montgomery glands enlarge and discharge an oily substance (all in the name of motherhood!)

Why are my breasts tender?

Tender breasts is one of the first signs of pregnancy and shows up in the beginning of the first trimester. And as your breasts continue to grow through pregnancy, the feeling is not always comfortable: the area around your ribs can become painful to the touch, and a soft sports style bra may be the only kind you can tolerate. For some women, their breasts start to itch as the skin stretches and all that stretching also can cause stretch marks. To keep your skin supple, consider applying rosehip oil daily after showering. 

What happens to breasts late in pregnancy?

Leaky breasts isn’t something that only happens once you’ve delivered baby. In the second or third trimester many women experience a concentrated fluid – wet and oozing, or dry and crusty – secreting from their nipples. This is high-protein colostrum, the intial stage before breastmilk production which happens during week 14 of pregnancy and during the first few days after giving birth.

What kind of bras are good during pregnancy and when breastfeeding?

Comfortable well-fitted bras are key both before baby arrives and afterwards. Underwires are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding as they can lead to blockages in the milk ducts. Opting for a style that you find it easy to breastfeed in, especially out in public, are definitely worth the money. To take you through pregnancy and beyond, look for a style with extra rows of hooks and eyes that’s designed to expand.

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