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July 8, 2016

Dietitian Robyn Lawrence shares her tips for keeping on top of your nutrition during the second trimester. 

There is a small increase in energy requirements in the second trimester but this is best met by sticking to healthy meals and snacks. Try an extra piece of fruit, a small handful of nuts or a pottle of yoghurt. Most women’s nausea starts to subside in the second trimester and this can mean a big boost to your appetite. See the 'Hard to stomach' article if you’re experiencing strong cravings for certain foods. As baby grows, most women start to notice their baby bump and weight gain around this time. It’s normal to lay down extra fat stores during pregnancy as you’ll need this for later on. Weight gain during pregnancy varies from person to person and recommendations differ based on pre-pregnancy body mass index. Too much or too little weight gain is not healthy for you or baby. The Ministry of Health have a great resource to help with working out if you’re on the right track here.

As your blood volume increases during pregnancy, it’s important to drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Soft drink and juice tend to contain a lot of sugar that you don’t necessarily need. Water is your best choice. You can mix it up with a squeeze of fresh lemon or a drop of cordial for flavour or low fat milk makes a good alternative and helps you meet your calcium requirements too.

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