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July 25, 2016

Choosing an LMC is a big part of your parenthood experience and it’s important you feel comfortable with the person you choose, and that you have confidence in them. Midwives and obstetricians will usually be open to meeting and talking with you before you make your final decision.

The Ministry of Health website ( has the following suggestions for questions to ask before registering with an LMC:

  • Will you provide all my care, or will others be involved?
  • Are you taking leave in the month or months before or after my baby is due?
  • What options do you offer for place of birth (eg, hospital, maternity unit, birthing unit, home birth)?
  • Where will my antenatal visits be? In my home? At a clinic?
  • How many antenatal visits can I expect to have?
  • What happens if you are away or with someone else when I go into labour?
  • Will I be able to meet your backup midwife or doctor?
  • What happens if I need specialist care during my pregnancy or my labour? If this happens, will you continue to provide care for me?
  • If I stay in hospital, what will your role be?
  • How many postnatal visits can I expect, both in hospital and at home?
  • Between visits, are you available for me to phone you for advice?

You may also like to ask questions about your LMC’s experience and practice of delivering babies, such as:

  • How would you describe the maternity care that you provide in pregnancy, labour and birth?
  • What is your philosophy about childbirth?
  • About how many births a year do you attend?
  • How many other women have you got booked who are due about the same time as me?
  • Have you had a standards review or an audit by your professional body?

If your LMC is a GP or a private obstetrician, other questions to ask are:

  • Who will provide my midwifery care during labour?
  • Can I meet the midwife who will provide me with care during labour?
  • Who will provide my home visits when I go home from hospital?

Useful websites:

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