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July 27, 2016

Dietitian Robyn Lawrence's advice for eating well in the third trimester. 

Although your energy requirements increase again in the third trimester as baby grows, this still doesn't mean you need to be "eating for two" but keeping a healthy balance is still important. Baby's iron stores are laid down in the third trimester so try to include sources of iron in your diet such as lean meat and poultry, nuts, eggs and legumes. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron so try to include plenty of vegetables with your meal or a piece of fruit for dessert. The pressure of your growing baby on your stomach can lead to heartburn. Try to avoid large or rich meals, spicy food or fizzy drinks, opting instead for smaller, more frequent meals and snacks. Lying down too soon after eating can set things off too. Going for a walk or putting an extra pillow under your head in bed at night could help. If you’re still suffering with symptoms, speak to your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) before starting any antacids.

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