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August 12, 2016

With just over a month left, you are so close to meeting your little one, even though it may seem that these last few weeks are dragging on for an eternity. Your old non-pregnant self may seem like a faraway dream, but you are so close. This week you might be experiencing a few funny side effects, such as your breasts starting to leak colostrum, (the nutrition rich precursor to breast milk), pain under your ribcage as your womb gets even bigger, and your belly button may have even popped out. Baby is now correctly proportioned and fully developed. She is also much stronger which you may be feeling in their movements. 

An important and exciting step in preparing for baby's arrival is packing your hospital bag. Here is a handy checklist of the items our team have found useful.

When it comes to breastfeeding, the early days can be the most important. Here are some tips for the best start.

MUMS' TIPS: My must haves were big comfy undies, big comfy trackies, singlet, toothbrush, camera, phone and charger, book, toiletries and my fave pillow from home.

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