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August 11, 2016


Your body is going through so many changes now that you are 7 weeks pregnant: your uterus has almost doubled in size since conception, it is likely your breasts are swollen and tender (which makes sense given they have grown a full cup size already!) and the mere sight of different foods may have you running for the bathroom to vomit. Many women find the first trimester the most difficult as they experience all the symptoms, but can’t tell anyone! Hang in there, you are almost through the first trimester!




7 weeks pregnant symptoms

It’s normal to feel tired in your first trimester as hormonal upheaval begins in early pregnancy and your body prepares itself for what lies ahead, so if the urge to crash strikes at 7.30pm don’t fight it. Your energy levels should return in the second trimester but dip again in the third as baby gets into some serious final growth spurts. Ironically, as your need for sleep increases, it can be harder to achieve. 

When you are 7 weeks pregnant, your bladder is bound to start feeling the pressure of your growing uterus. This – and increased blood flow to your pelvic area due to the pregnancy hormone hCG – may result in more trips to the loo to pee. This will continue through the second and third trimesters – don’t worry, it’s normal for many pregnant women to get up to pee multiple times a night. Keep your fluids up, opting for less caffeine and more water as both your body and your baby need to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy.



What’s the size of my baby at 7 weeks?

At 7 weeks pregnant, your blueberry sized baby continues to grow at amazing speed, from head to toe. At 7 weeks, in addition to a developing heart and kidneys, arms and legs are starting to bud while brain cells are increasing dramatically by upwards of 100 a minute!


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