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August 2, 2016

As your baby continues to grow you may be feeling extremely tired, extra hungry, or nauseated. For many mothers-to-be, the 8th week of pregnancy can be a tough week but there are some silver linings as the baby makes himself at home in your uterus.


 8 weeks pregnancy8 weeks pregnancy baby development


8 weeks baby development

During week 8 your baby’s organs get ready to start functioning on their own, your baby is becoming more and more human-like - even at the size of a raspberry. Very soon the tail will disappear and little fingers and toes will begin to lengthen out from baby’s limbs. As facial features become more defined, tiny eyelids and an upper lip may start to be noticeable. Their genitals are also starting to develop, although it’s still too early for your doctor to identify the baby's sex.

Changes in your body when 8 weeks pregnant

With all that baby growth, you may experience some cramping pregnancy symptoms as the ligaments in your abdomen stretch and uterus expands. Ease any concerns by checking in with your LMC. Also, when you are 8 weeks pregnant your appetite might start to pick up and your baby bulge might make its first appearance – mostly due to water retention. 


 changes in your body when you are 8 weeks pregnant   8 weeks pregnant - changes in your body


Appetite growth and morning sickness

When hunger strikes, it’s important to eat – even if you’re experiencing nausea or heartburn. Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom when you are 8 weeks pregnant. Keep ginger lollies, and ginger biscuits in easy reach and make sure you’re taking your prenatal vitamin during a meal. 


Heartburn can be a common symptom during pregnancy as the hormone that relaxes your muscles to accommodate your growing baby also relaxes the stomach valve that keeps acid out. You can try to avoid these symptoms by eating smaller meals more often, sipping water throughout the day and not eating just before bed. If you’re really struggling, talk to your GP or pharmacist about an antacid that’s safe to take during pregnancy.

Other 8 weeks pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms will continue to emerge such as constipation, vaginal discharge, vivid dreams, and a heightened sense of smell. You may even discover some spotting, but don’t panic. As much as it could be alarming, some other causes of bleeding in the first trimester include sex. Make sure you talk to your doctor and discuss ways to circumvent any issues. One thing that may start to recede is mood swings as the placenta starts to contribute to hormone production. 

To find out more about some of the more surprising things that can happen to your body and mind during pregnancy, check our article, “What the?” here. 

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