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August 2, 2016

Now that you are 9 weeks pregnant, your baby is growing - lots! Which means that this week may be a rough one, as you HCG hormones will be going through the roof. You might find yourself feeling warmer than usual, or feeling a little faint - this is because your body is beginning to increase your blood volume to nourish the placenta. So it’s more important than ever to include lots of iron rich foods in your diet.


My baby at 9 weeks - From embryo to fetus

It’s a big week as both baby and you have made it to month three! Your 9 weeks old baby is still growing at speed, and with the new muscles developing, they can now flex their joints. With all of baby’s muscles and body parts in full development, they are looking more human day by day.


The 9 weeks Ultrasound

Week 9 is a good time to attend a prenatal visit if you have not already done so. It’s even possible that you can hear your baby’s heartbeat during the 9 weeks ultrasound as baby’s heart is beginning to develop chambers and valves. Also, if you’re planning on undergoing genetic testing, this is the time to speak to a doctor about it. Testing usually takes place between weeks 9 and 13 for early screening. 


9 weeks Symptoms - What’s my body up to?

Mood swings:

Considering levels of HCG are at their peak, they can affect how you feel. When you are 3 months pregnant, life is changing, mood swings should be expected and are completely normal. However, the end of hormonal irritability and exhaustion is in sight, as the placenta begins to make its mark – taking on all that responsibility. Don’t worry if you’re not putting on much weight at 3 months yet, as the average is .45-2.25 kilograms in the first trimester.



As feelings of nausea recede, your appetite should pick up just in time to further nourish baby. Headaches may arise due to hormonal fluctuations that occur when 3 months pregnant. Talk to your LMC before taking any medication though, as some drugs can affect the baby.


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