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August 12, 2016

If you are feeling fit and energetic, make the most of it now! Get out and exercise, explore, go to the movies or away for the weekend, just try not to over-exert yourself.  As your uterus rises, it pushes your internal organs up and away. Your point of gravity will also shift, so make sure you don’t try any activities where balance is a big factor.  From this week onwards when you visit your LMC, she will start measuring your abdomen to assess your baby’s growth. This measurement starts from the top of your uterus (fundus) down to your pubic bone; this is called the fundal height and is an individualized tool to record your baby’s growth. Your baby’s skin is losing transparency as the pigment comes in this week, and she may look wrinkled due to the skin growing faster than the fat deposits.

Exercise can often be put on the backburner, but when pregnant it is important to keep it up. We look at three low impact classes sure to get you excited about moving. 

Whether you want to opt for a natural birth or are planning an epidural, it's a great idea to have an understanding of all types of pain methods used. Here is the lowdown.

I’m pregnant which means I’m sober, swollen, and hungry. Approach with caution. 



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