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August 12, 2016

You will notice that you are gaining weight more rapidly now. In fact 50% of your weight gain will happen between weeks twenty and thirty. Most women put on between 9 to 16 kilograms during pregnancy. Obviously the baby, the placenta, your uterus, the extra blood and fluids account for a lot of that. But it’s also common to lay down some extra fat in preparation for after the birth when your body will need it, particularly while you are breastfeeding.  This generally the week when many pregnant women experience the return of symptoms from the first trimester including fatigue, dizziness and an increased urge to go to the toilet. Your baby’s bones are becoming more rigid, his hands are now fully operational and his eyes are fully developed with eyelashes, although they still remain closed. 

Carolyn Tranter is the founder of The Doula Academy and is passionate about her unique role supporting women through childbirth and early motherhood. She explains how a doula can support a mum-to-be during birth as well as postnatally.

Here's what you need to know about a condition that effects approximatley 10% of pregnancies.

I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where I no longer want to wear pants. 

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