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August 12, 2016

Only (roughly) ten weeks to go, how are you feeling? This last stretch of pregnancy can be quite heavy both physically and mentally. Your body will be beginning to prepare for birth by loosening your pelvic joints, so you may be feeling some aches and pains. Be aware that as your joints loosen so do your ligaments, making it much easier to strain your back, so take care lifting, and getting in and out of cars or beds. You may also be noticing leg cramps or pins and needles which are both likely to be caused by fluid accumulating in your hands, feet and legs. Take it as a sign to slow down and try to get some rest with your feet up during the day. 

Wearing your baby offers many benefits, and meets your little ones need for touch and motion. When looking for a carrier consider these tips…

One in four babies are born by caesarean in New Zealand. We explain why you might deliver this way and what actually happens on the day. 

I remember being able to get up without making sound effects...   Good times. 

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