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August 12, 2016

You may have noticed a change in your baby’s positioning as he moves into the head down position ready for birth. Most babies will make this turn by week 36, although some don’t turn until a few days before birth. This drop can make things a bit uncomfortable for you when the head touches your pelvic floor muscles. Resting on your side can help to decrease the pressure on your pelvis, and on the nerves, vessels and arteries in the pelvic area. Over the next four weeks your baby will be going through a period of extraordinary growth. You may also notice that he is sleeping a lot more. 

Bringing baby home can have a big impact on your relationship - and your sex life. Here are some tips to keep the love alive.

Every labour is different and follows it's own path, but they will generally follow these three stages. 

MUMS' TIPS: Snack food is good, I laboured most of the day and didn’t eat much, had baby just before midnight and was starving at 1am but had not food.

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