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August 12, 2016

Slowly but surely the weeks are counting down. It’s probably becoming hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. The only thing you can do is to continue sleeping on your side. Try a few strategically positioned pillows to get more comfortable. You may have also noticed your skin is itchy around your stomach, palms or soles of your feet. Moisturizer can be incredibly helpful to relieve this. Why not go all out and request a foot rub from your partner to relieve your tired feet at the same time. Born now your baby would cope well with the outside world as his lungs are fully developed ready for their first breath.  

When you have a baby it can seem like your're  surrounded by parenting 'experts' and everyone has an opinion. We share some suggestions for coping with all the comments, and finding your own way. 

Becoming a new mother brings many changes, including how you relate to the other people in your life. Here is some practicle advice for adapting to the shifting dynamics. 

MUMS' TIPS: A load of support is really beneficial. Talking with others who go through the same things at the same time makes you feel so normal. 

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