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August 12, 2016

Labour is a marathon, (you can consume approximately 500 calories in one hour!) so now is a good time to start resting up, and incorporating more carbohydrates into your meals. While the baby may be taking up most of your thoughts, now is the perfect time to enjoy spending one on one time with your partner. Enjoy the freedom of not need a babysitter to go out while it lasts! Your baby is now considered full term! He is collecting the nourishment he needs for the delivery by drawing in the amniotic fluid to his lungs, and pressing it out again. 

With all the advice and tips out there, it can be hard not to feel conflicted about what you can and can't do while breastfeeding. We go to the experts for the facts.

Bathing your little one is a special opportunity for bonding time. Here are some tips to help if feel less scary those first few times.

The days are long but the years are short - Gretchen Rubin

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