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April 16, 2018

Keeping your little one snug as a bug

An important step when creating a beautiful nursery for your new addition is taking some time to decide upon the flooring. There are so many options for you to choose from and floors can take a lot of abuse, especially when under the charge of your infant. For the first year of your baby’s life they will spend a lot of time on the floor, whether it’s having their nappy changed, for tummy time or play. As they get a little older and begin to crawl, soft and comfortable carpet can be a barrier to avoid sore knees and hands. A great carpet is an obvious choice for those first few years - think durable, soft and kid-friendly. 

Here are Harrison’s top tips when choosing a carpet for your nursery:


Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) is the most common carpet choice, offering stain resistance which is super important for unfortunate spills or little hands, improved fade resistance, insect resistance and they are also hypoallergenic. You will want to make sure your carpet is long lasting so you don’t have to replace it as your child gets older.  

Other popular styles which can be softer under young bodies are Solution Dyed Polyesters and Solution Dyed Polypropylene - all three man made fibers have a number of features and benefits which our Harrisons local owners can talk through with you at the time of consultation.


With the cooler months fast approaching, insulation is high on the agenda. Harrisons has all the solutions to keep your little treasures warm and snug. Harrisons carpets offer a dense underlay which helps insulate your house, prevent drafts and heat loss through the floors.


Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are released in the form of gas, which end up in the air that you breathe. Look for carpets that have low VOCs, such as carpets that are made from natural materials.


Having an experienced, skilled installer to complete the last step in the process is vital. Use Harrisons for the best quality installation. They are there to help you understand the pros and cons of installation on smooth edge vs loose lay rugs and mats. What's more, if you have existing flooring or furniture that you want to remove, Harrison's can do this for you. Check out their installation guidelines here!


From natural to earthy tones, to traditional greys, creams and blues, the range of colours available in both man made and wool carpets is extensive. All Harrisons carpets have been colour matched with Resene paint, helping you to put together a cohesive design that's perfect for your nursery. 


For those first weeks you will want to establish a bedtime routine for your baby and nothing helps more than a great pair of curtains. Harrisons blackout linings are your best friend. Not only do they darken baby’s room for naptime, they are an added bonus in daylight savings where the light is bright well after bedtime. Blackout linings also offer maximum insulation to keep the nursery warm during those winter nights and you can customise them too with fun, colourful fabrics. If you have a problem with mould and mildew in your home, protect your little one and add resistant linings.

What’s more, Harrisons offer a free in-home consultation service for curtains and blinds, flooring and energy solutions.

Call Harrisons on 0800 103 002 or click here to visit their website

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