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August 1, 2017

Planning for a new baby can be all consuming. It feels like there’s so much to organise. However rest assured, with a little planning & foresight you’ll start to feel more in control & ready to roll!

The wheels

Weirdly, even though most people buy their first stroller while pregnant, not all strollers & buggies are actually suitable for a new baby. Some need extra bassinet attachments just to use them at first. It’s super important that infants can lie flat, as their neck muscles aren’t developed enough in the first few months to stop their heads lolling around or keep their airways clear. The phil&teds smart buggy’s seat is lie flat straight-outta-the-box, but also really roomy to grow with baby.

The smart buggy also has a XXL extendable sun hood for the harsh NZ sun. Most sunscreens aren’t suitable for babies under 6 months, so use a combination of clothing and smart’s UPF50+ sun hood to keep baby protected.

You’ll want a huge gear tray too, as new babies (as small as they are) require heaps of stuff to go anywhere. The smart’s parcel tray can take 10kg of gear – that’s a lot of dummies & teething rusks!

The car seat

Many people quote this as the ‘one item you really do need from day dot’. This is true - unless you live across the street from the hospital or choose to birth at home. Consider a car seat that is both safe & light, like the phil&teds alpha car seat. Being light to carry is key when baby grows a bit & you need to pop into the pharmacy. No one wants to lug around a super heavy capsule, you’ve got enough to deal with as a new parent! You can also attach alpha to the smart buggy for seamless car park to park strolling.

Even better, you now have the option to hire an alpha car seat and/or in-car base, delivered anywhere in NZ. See here for more info on how to hire from the qualified car seat technicians at phil&teds.


Wash their smallest clothes & put them away, but don’t be afraid to leave labels on bigger clothes or return extra clothes you don’t need or use. There’s only so many 000 onesies a little person could need! Consider that you might need more clothes if you have a winter baby, both for layering and difficulty of drying clothes during that time.


Put together the place where baby will sleep, whether that’s a bassinet or cot. Wash the bedding and make the bed up with natural fibres & no loose bedding or toys. If you have a cat, ensure they don’t start sleeping in the bed while you wait for baby.


In your final trimester, get a haircut, plan a dentist visit, and schedule any personal care/home/car-related appointments that may be tricky with a new baby. Find a nice hand moisturiser, because you will be washing your hands a lot with a new baby. Buy some maternity bras or singlets that you like, because you will live in them for awhile. Pack your hospital bag & leave at home or in your car. Buy a multi-pack of cheap & giant black underwear. This will get you through birth & after without ruining any ‘nice’ knickers. Then when everything eases up you can throw these away with glee.


If you already have a child, remember to plan for childcare during labour, for all times of day. That might involve a few different people, so make sure your support person is clear who to call when. Consider planning some special trips with your older child, before baby comes. Make sure they know that you will seem busy & distracted in the first few months after baby’s arrival, but that doesn’t change that you love them (more than ever).

The same advice goes for your partner too. The idea of a ‘Babymoon’ might be cliché, but do make a point to enjoy the pick-up-and-go freedom together in some way before baby.

Now you’re ready to go, but baby might not be. If you are past your due date, don’t let the ‘any news yet?’ texts get to you. They mean well & it will happen!

We hope this list helps you feel a little more ready for baby. Look at you! Dotting ‘i’s & growing eyes at the same time. What an amazing adventure you are going through every day!


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