Pebble Child

You & Your Family

Pebble Child sell fairtrade children's toys and gifts handmade in Bangladesh by craftswomen.

Weekend fun: The Kids Fair

You & Your Family

Kids Fair is back for 2017! Returning to Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds again this year, it’s the ultimate fun event for the young family.

NEW Treasures Quick Dry & Comfy Fit Nappy

You & Your Family

Introducing our NEW & IMPROVED Quick Dry & Comfy Fit Treasures Nappy!

Pinning your hopes


After having one baby, most parents believe the path to child number two will be smooth, but this isn't always the case. JAI BREITNAUER speaks to couples who are hoping to grow their families

My life as an Egg Donor


Donating an egg is a gift of life, one that is life-changing not only for the couple involved, but for the donor. We speak to Jo Rule, an extraordinary woman who is donating her eggs for the second ti ...

Pregnancy surprises

What the ?


We round up some of the surprising things that can happen to both body and mind during pregnancy...

Pregnant woman meditating

In bloom


Doing all the right things for your growing baby is important, but make sure you take care of yourself too with these handy tips for staying comfortable during pregnancy.

Pregnant woman packing hospital bag

It's in the bag


An important step in preparing for your baby’s arrival is getting your hospital bag together. Here is a handy checklist of items the Little Treasures team found useful to have, along with some extras. ...

Your pregnancy tracker


So much lies ahead of you. Treasure every moment.

Baby sleep

Facts about sleep


Baby Sleep Consultant Emma Purdue explains how to help your baby (and you!) to get a good night’s sleep.

Witching Hour


Many new parents dread the end-of-day blues, when baby becomes unsettled. But baby whisperer Sharlene Poole says you’re more in control than you think.

toddler playing with bubbles

Little Wonders


While we sometimes struggle to maintain composure within our own family, childcare teachers seem to manage a room full of children with ease. Early childhood educator Miffy Welsh shares some of her in ...

Ice, ice baby


What better way for littlies to cool down in summer, than to get creative outside with a variety of coloured ice activities. Photography, Shona Dey.

Matching pairs in rice

Mix and match


Your toddlers will have to put their thinking caps on for these fun activities that can be as simple or as challenging as you like.

Cutting cress heads

Outside inside


Bring some flora and fauna indoors and help foster a love of the natural world

homemade finger paints in jars

Fun finger paints


Littlies will love getting creative with this easy and safe finger paint recipe.

toddlers looking at nature with looking glass

Out and About


As the world comes alive in spring, it's a great time to head outside and discover some natural wonders. Here are some fun activities your littlies will be sure to love.

And then there were two

You & Your Family

Sharlene Poole shares her advice for managing with a second little person in the mix.

toddlers playing in a stream outdoors

Raising confident kids

You & Your Family

We’ve all got an idea of who we would like our kids to become and most parents would place confidence pretty high on the list of desirable traits. We share some expert advice on instilling confidence ...

Baby shower food

White chocolate macarons

You & Your Family

Macarons can be tricky to master but they make an impressive addition to any party table.

The beauty of oil

You & Your Family

From beauty to stretch marks, and all the bits in between, oil is a good investment to maximise your skin health

5 Minute makeover

You & Your Family

It can be hard to find ‘me’ time when you’re a mum, but make-up artist and mum-of-one Evana Patterson shows how you can look fabulous in as little as five minutes.

Ready to POP!


What will happen when you have your baby? Penny Murray delivers the choices you'll face on your big day.

Going Solo


Baby whisperer Sharlene Poole explains how important it is to accept offers of help when raising a child - something she found she needed too, following the birth of her own baby

Giving birth in a hurry


Delivering a baby at Auckland's busiest train station is not on anyones birth plan, but that's exactly what happened to one expectant mother. Emily Bell talks to Midwife Sharon Weir and explores, what ...

Sleep solutions


It can be hard enough mastering sleep routines for one child - what happens when your tribe expands?

Animal cake

You & Your Family

Go wild with a party where all sorts of animals roam free across everything! We love this banana cake with a chocolate ganache!

Boys vs Girls


When it comes to boys and girls, how much of their behaviour is nature and how much is nurture? Rebecca Williamson explores how parenting styles play a bigger role than we realise...