PORSE Mummy Guilt

PORSE: Managing mummy guilt

You & Your Family

It can be hard returning from maternity leave - just how do you manage that mummy guilt? We find out, with PORSE.

anmum tried and tested

Tailored for your toddler


Have some little explorers in the household? Here's a Toddler Milk that really packs the punch, without any added sugars.

Clubfoot baby

Clubfoot: The facts


Just what is Clubfoot and how can it be treated? When Petra Douglas's second child was born with the condition, she had a whole host of questions.

Kathryn Wilson baby shoes

Q&A with Kathryn Wilson

You & Your Family

We caught up with New Zealand footwear designer Kathryn Wilson, on how she comes up with their styles for teeny, tiny feet.

Music Matters

Music matters


Long before your baby can walk or talk, they show an appreciation for music. Here's why it's a great way to encourage numeracy, literacy and bonding.

Newborn sleep mums

The golden hour


In the first year of baby's life, an hour to yourself is rare. Here are our top suggestions to making the most of your time out.

PORSE educator

PORSE: Amber's story

You & Your Family

PORSE educator Amber Blakesley has come full circle, back to a career she always knew she would have one day...

Breastfeeding tips

8 ways to breastfeeding


If there was a playbook for breastfeeding, it would start with these solutions...

Same Sex Couples

Rainbow connections


Thanks to science and goodwill there are many options open to same-sex couples who want to start a family. We talk to two sets of new mums and dads about their experience.

Beauty boosters mum

Beauty boost

You & Your Family

Motherhood changes your life - and your beauty essentials. We take a look at the quick fixes to make you look and feel your best.

Resene Nursery Craft DIY

DIY: Kids artwork frames

You & Your Family

Wondering what to do with all the artwork your kids make at home or kindy? Why not turn a wall in your house into a gallery.

Summer first aid essentials

You & Your Family

Ensure you're fully equipped for any little accidents or illnesses with our top must-have first aid items.

pretty brave shoes

Q&A with Pretty Brave

You & Your Family

We caught up with Natalie from Pretty Brave about how to ensure your little explorers put their best foot forward...

mum hair dont care kevin murphy

Mum hair, don't care!

You & Your Family

When your baby takes up all your free time, there's little left for yourself. We caught up with Janine Simons, owner of Mane Salon in Wellington, about quick tricks to help you look and feel like your ...

Simple ideas for getting kids to eat their veggies


Accredited nutritionist and HelloFresh Head of Culinary, Hannah Gilbert, shares her top tips to get even the fussiest eaters to enjoy veggies at dinner time.

Egg Maternity

Egg Maternity Fashion Week Q&A

You & Your Family

With New Zealand Fashion Week only weeks away, we speak to Egg, the New Zealand clothing brand with stylish and comfortable clothes for during and after pregnancy.

Woman pushing buggy along path smiling at camera

Buying your first buggy: a guide for new parents


One of the most important decisions to make when preparing for a new baby is buying a buggy. phil & teds share some key things to keep in mind when shopping for baby’s first set of wheels.

Zoe Junior blessed in doubles

Life online: Zoe Fuimaono

You & Your Family

Becoming a new mum for the first time can be isolating. We speak to Zoe Fuimaono from Blessed in Doubles, to find out how building a community online has helped her.

How to choose the perfect breast pump: Electric

How to choose the perfect Breast Pump: Electric

You & Your Family

We asked five mums to trial one of the top electric breast pumps on the market! Here's what they thought.

8 healthy & fun lunch box ideas

You & Your Family

Down To Earth Kid Food Expert Stacey Kemeys shares 8 simple ideas for creating fun & healthy lunch box snacks.

Merino at every age

Merino at every age

You & Your Family

We investigate why merino is so great for little ones, plus receive 15% off Mokopuna Merino today!

Babies in the beehive

Babies in the Beehive


Our Prime Minister has had her baby, but she won't be the first Kiwi MP to combine parenting and politics. We talked to Northland MP Willow-Jean Prime about juggling new motherhood with a demanding ro ...

Home grown

You & Your Family

The demand for quality early childcare is growing as more mothers return to the workforce. Read more for how PORSE offers a great home-based option.

Baby in red buggy outside on grass

Your ‘ready for baby’ checklist


Planning for a new baby can be all consuming. It feels like there’s so much to organise. However rest assured, with a little planning & foresight you’ll start to feel more in control & ready to roll!

Ice skating over prepared parent

Is being an over-prepared parent killing your buzz?

You & Your Family

Editor, Bianca Zander, takes her boys ice skating and finds that often the most perfect days can be unplanned.

Summer picnics

You & Your Family

Summer is here, bringing us the opportunity to head outdoors and enjoy picnic lunches and dinners galore. Di Kaino, wife of Kiwi rugby star Jerome Kaino, shares one of her favourite healthy picnic rec ...

Let's get physical

You & Your Family

Our blogger and personal trainer Evana Patterson shares her top tips for getting back your fitness back after baby.

New mother with her baby

Mum's wellness


Our newest blogger, life coach, and personal trainer Evanna Patterson shares her top tips for your wellness after your baby is born.

Phil and Teds

You & Your Family

As a parent you wear many hats, so it goes without saying that you need baby gear that can keep up with you! Discover phil&teds voyager buggy!