Jess Bovey Life Online New Mum Club

Life online: Jess Bovey

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Becoming a new mum for the first time can be isolating. One solution is to build a community online. In the first part of this series, we speak to three mums who have done just that.

Morning sickness: How bad can it get?

Morning sickness: How bad can it get?

You & Your Family

Are you six weeks pregnant and feeling a little queasy? Find out what causes morning sickness and just how bad it can get!

Rock Your Bump Q&A

Rock Your Bump Fashion Week Q&A

You & Your Family

After our Little Treasures Mum & Kids show, we speak to the team behind Rock Your Bump.

Breastfeeding baby

Our top 5 breastfeeding stories

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It is the 25th anniversary World Breastfeeding Week this week from the 1st August to the 7th! So here are our top five stories in Breastfeeding including real mum's stories, common questions, facts an ...

Baby Olympics


Our blogger, Catherine, explores the impact that social media and bloggers have had on raising a child. Welcome, to the Baby Olympics.

phil&teds buggy Why go™ phil&tedsA lightweight stroller that's good to go™

A lightweight stroller that's good to go™

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One of the most important things you'll do when preparing for baby is purchasing a buggy. We asked Noelle Mccarthy, mum of one, to test drive phil&teds brand new buggy, go™.

Hachette NZ release children's book for Jacinda

You & Your Family

Hachette NZ celebrate Jacinda and Clarke's new arrival with a brand new children's picture book!

SodaStream Strawberry

Summer mocktails

You & Your Family

Finding out you're pregnant means introducing some dietary and drink restrictions into your life, but that doesn't mean missing out this summer. Introducing your new BFF: SodaStream..

Me Time


Each week I set aside a night when my toddler is in bed and my husband is in charge of baby Theo for a couple of hours. During this time, I paint my nails. It makes me feel like a human for a little w ...

Weleda 5 best buys

5 best buys for mum and baby


We take a sneak peek inside Weleda's beauty cabinet to choose our top 5 products for both mum and baby.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Supermums

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Recently I was invited to catch up with friends over some afternoon drinks. Although my toddler is always welcome to join me on such events, what the host doesn’t realise is how said toddler will alte ...

Catherine Cameron's Take on the Impact of Sleep Deprivation

You & Your Family

Our blogger, Cathy, shares her experiences of motherhood and sleep deprivation.

Catherine Cameron

Catherine Cameron's Take on Balancing Career and Motherhood

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"Today I feel ready to return to the workforce. But things have changed." Catherine Cameron discusses gender roles and juggling a career whilst being a mother.

Catherine Cameron: Living with Marge

Catherine Cameron's Take on Parenthood's Expectation on Mothers

You & Your Family

Catherine Cameron discusses the mental load that accompanies motherhood.

Catherine Cameron blogger who am i

Catherine Cameron's Take on Motherhood's Impact on Identity

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Catherine Cameron discusses how motherhood can bring with it a different, new identity, one who you have never met before.

Postpartum depression blogger catherine cameron

Catherine Cameron's Take on Postnatal Anxiety

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Our wonderful blogger, Catherine Cameron, discusses the impact that postpartum ignorance can have on mothers.

mum and baby catherine cameron

Catherine Cameron's Take on Baby's First Birthday

You & Your Family

Our blogger, Catherine Cameron pens a letter to her one year old daughter.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Mum Guilt

You & Your Family

Do you experience mum guilt? Our blogger, Catherine Cameron, asks, why are we so hard on ourselves?

Catherine Cameron's Take on the Magic of Naps

You & Your Family

I have a confession to make. I have become a slave to my baby's naps, explains Catherine Cameron.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Creating a Mums Support Network

You & Your Family

Our blogger, Cathy discusses evolving and new friendships through motherhood in her latest blog.

Catherine Cameron's Take on the Impact of Motherhood on Relationships

You & Your Family

Although raising a child is one of the most rewarding gifts life has to offer, many first time parents aren’t aware of the challenges their relationships will face, as they experience the rollercoaste ...

Baby with dummy in mouth sleeping

Catherine Cameron's Take on Rules and the Reality of Parenting

You & Your Family

Our blogger Cathy on the rules she made before becoming a mum, versus the "cup of cold reality" that quickly brought her to her senses.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Becoming a Mother

You & Your Family

Introducing our new blogger Catherine from the The Sweetest Devotion! This week she shares some of the things she has come to understand only since becoming a mother.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Being a Part Time Mum

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'If only I had known' is Catherine Cameron's latest blog on the overwhelming transition of returning to work. The struggle to come to terms with the new role of part time mum and the realisation admit ...

Catherine Cameron: She makes me

Catherine Cameron's Take on Returning to Work

You & Your Family

Catherine Cameron discusses how life changes when you have a baby, and how in turn, you change as a person.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Feeding a Toddler


Catherine Cameron talks about her experience of trying to feed her fussy toddler and the pressure to be a 'gourmet mummy'.

Catherine Cameron's Take on Mum Goggles

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Recently, my sister and I took our toddlers for a walk to buy a morning coffee. As we walked, my sister asked if I had a preference as to where we might dine.“Somewhere with good high chairs,” I repli ...

Life in a campervan with a two year old

Life in a campervan, pregnant and with a toddler

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In the second trimester, most parents would be attending regular midwife appointments and starting to think about their nursery, but Marcela and David had another plan...

Step aside sanctimommy

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People talk a lot about the competitive side of parenting but, Casey McPike points out, it also brings us together.

Photos of motherhood then and now

6 Tips for surviving modern parenting

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Parenting practices have moved on since we were babies and one of the biggest differences is how much pressure parents put on themselves. Here are some practical tips to help you cope with some of the ...