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October 13, 2017

Spring represents a time of new growth - the perfect season for children to explore outdoors and develop their senses through the wonders of nature 

Budding Artists

Simply taking the learning outdoors and setting up a table outside to draw or paint, using real objects from a book the children have already explored, offers a new sensory dimension to their learning. Using their imaginations and the objects laid out in front of them, that they can see, touch and smell, is a fun way to bring the book to life.

Digging It!

A vegetable patch gives children the chance to not only see where their food comes from, but is fertile ground for curious minds. 
Planting and harvesting creates many learning opportunities and invites endless questions about the types of plants or insects they discover - with the added benefit of freedom to move out in the fresh air.

Digging it


Creature Comforts 

A place for children to calm their busy minds is important. Creating a book corner or pet cuddling zone helps some children unwind and recharge. 

A pet, such as Kindercare's resident bunny Bugsy, not only encourages little ones to share and show care, it also offers companionship. 

Interaction with a pet can support a child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Creature Comforts


Fresh Experiences

The novelty of tasting freshly picked vegetables, herbs or fruit often encourages young children to try new foods and flavours, developing positive habits for the future. 

If the children have a hand in harvesting and then help to prepare meals, it miraculously tastes that much better. 

Fresh experiences

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