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July 5, 2016

Dietician Nicky McCarthy offers some tips for getting your kids to eat (and enjoy) their veggies:

  • Vegetables often have quite complex flavours so children can take some time to learn to like them. The key is to try, try and try again.
  • Be a positive role model for healthy eating. It’s really important that your children see you eating and enjoying vegetables.
  • Tea time may not be the best time to be encouraging new foods because children are usually tired by then (as are parents!)
  • Try serving veggies differently. Offer raw or cooked veggies as finger foods for a snack. Or at lunchtime as sandwich fillings: grated carrot and cheese or marmite and lettuce.
  • Grow vegetables at home - Kids love eating veggies straight out of the garden. Some are suitable for growing in pots if you don’t have a garden.
  • Involve your kids in buying veggies and watching or even helping you prepare them for eating. Their involvement may make them more likely to give them a try.
  • Use positive peer pressure. She may be more likely to eat vegetables if she goes to preschool where there are other children doing so.
  • Keep putting veggies on his plate even if you are sure he won’t eat them. They may go uneaten for a while, but one day he might surprise you!

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