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November 6, 2018

Help your little explorers reach their potential with a Toddler Milk that packs the punch, without any added sugars

It's widely known that as your little human hits 12 months they transition into teeny explorers and its an age of development where they become increasingly active. But with all of that activity comes the need to refuel, and as a parent, you'll know that good nutrition in those first few years can be a crucial element to support their growth. But how exactly do you do that?

Right here in New Zealand, Fonterra's nutrition experts have developed a Toddler Milk especially for this age group with those elements in mind - Anmum PediaPro3, the only Toddler Milk that doesn't add sugars*, it just contains the sugar lactose naturally found in milk. With no added sugars,  Probiotic DR10™ and 15 essential vitamins and minerals, it's a Toddler Milk that's packed full of goodness to help ensure your growing little one gets what they need. We sent the product to five parents from our community to trial over a two-week period. Here's what they thought:

Everly (17 months old)

We wanted to trial the Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk to see what was available in the market. We’ve tried different products abroad and Everly has always adapted well, so we thought, why not? What was appealing to me about the Toddler Milk is that it has no added sugars and is developed in New Zealand. The first night we tried it with half of our old toddler milk. The following night we went full guns blazing into this one. She hasn’t noticed a difference, but we have noticed she’s been settled for longer. On the old toddler milk we used to be up and down with her waking in the night, but since we started this toddler milk, she’s been sleeping through! It’s got loads of nutritional benefits too – she can be quite a fussy eater.

It fits into our lives really well and it’s great if we want to take some with us when we’re out and about. I also work full time so it’s easy for my husband to pop some into a container when she’s at day care and mix with water. On that note, it mixes so well with water and isn’t lumpy at all!
When choosing a toddler milk, I think it’s important that it’s wholesome and full of nutrients, such as calcium and iron so that it can give them a kick-start in life. It’s great knowing that it’s done such a good job. I would definitely recommend the product and will be repurchasing.

Corith (18 months old)

This is my first time trying Anmum. My son can often be tired and has very little energy. When I first gave him some of the Toddler Milk, I found that it worked wonders. As a solo mum with five children, when I’m looking for a toddler milk I take price into consideration. Although it’s more than I usually pay, after trialling the milk, the price no longer matters. I was also so pleased to find that it’s made locally, right here in New Zealand, with no added sugars which is super important.

When mixing the product, I found that it blends really well and I was so surprised by the quantity in the tin, it’s a lot more than I expected. I would definitely recommend the Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk, it’s helped me, my son and our life. Thank you so much, he’s a changed kid. 

Isla (13 months old)

I’ve been thinking for a while about transitioning my daughter onto cow’s milk as she was on another toddler milk previously. When we received the product, I found that the transition was really smooth and it was quite straight forward to make up – much easier compared to other brands that we have tried. The instructions were also easy to read. Isla really liked the Toddler Milk and she showed no signs that there was a change. The  fact that it has no added sugars and includes probiotics is such a bonus. She has two serves a day, so we didn’t use a lot, but it fitted into our daily routine quite well. The product exceeded our expectations; sometimes toddler milk can have an unpleasant odour, but this one didn’t. I actually plan on keeping her on the Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk for as long as she needs it.

Cazna (23 months old)

I saw that Little Treasures Magazine were asking for reviewers for the Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk so I Googled the milk for more information. Once I found that it had no added sugars, I was really keen to give it a go as I know other brands do add sugars. Upon receiving the product, the experience was very good. I gave my daughter half of the normal amount to begin with, to see how she would take to it, and she drank it quite easily. I was so surprised at how fast it dissolved in the water compared to the other brands we have used, you only have to shake the bottle twice and the product melts into the water. It has fit in so seamlessly to our family life and our toddler seems to really enjoy it. As an added bonus, for some reason there was more product left over at the end of the week, though she didn’t drink more than normal. After trialling the milk, we have decided we will definitely stick with Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk and I would absolutely recommend the product to my family and friends - it’s great value for money with lots of nutritional benefits.

Isla (19 months old)

My little one drinks a lot of regular cow’s milk, so I thought the Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk might quench her thirst. Of course, the extra benefits of the product such as the high number of vitamins and lack of added sugars was super impressive. My daughter, Isla, has really enjoyed the milk. In fact, she screamed at 3am the other morning when we had run out. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that she can recognise the tin or whether it was taste related, but she was screaming that we had none left.

When I was lucky enough to trial the Anmum PediaPro3 Toddler Milk, I found that it has slotted in well to our routine. Mixing the product together was  also really easy, it didn’t clog together and didn’t require much mixing. When choosing a toddler milk, for me, the price point is really important, as well as the origin of the product and any added benefits that it may have, such as vitamins, minerals and probiotics. I  feel really happy that I know where the product is coming from; the fact that it’s made by Fonterra in New Zealand fills me with content and I’m definitely going to go out and restock. It’s fantastic we had such a good reaction to the product. I would definitely recommend the Toddler Milk to family and friends.



* Market data May 2018. Anmum PediaPro3 is a formulated supplementary food for young children 12 months+. Always prepare as directed.

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