January 20, 2017

In the midst of a busy life, don’t let sharing quality time with your family fall off the to-do list. Try incorporating these simple ideas into your week and revel in those good vibes that come from feeling connected.


If your tub...

is big enough then joining in on bath time is bound to induce delight in your little ones. It might not be the relaxing soak you crave but it’s a lovely thing to do while they’re still happy to have you in there!


Make it part...

of the daily or weekly routine to pop baby in the buggy andgo out for a stroll with your partner. It’s a time to chat and reflect on the day whilst on neutral territory and has the bonus of fresh air and exercise as part of the package. 


We’re all great...

at taking 1000s of photos of our kids on our phones but actually getting them printed is a skill that many of us have lost.  Poring over a physical album of happy times spent together is always a fantastic way to reconnect and remind us that all the hard work is so worth it.


Eating together...

While dining with small people is often a messier and more chaotic affair than we might like, this is a great tradition to establish early so that it will become a key part of family life in years to come. It can also have a positive affect on eating habits and table manners!


Bedtime can be...

such a great bonding opportunity and having a good routine in place can also make a potentially stressful time run more smoothly. Stories, cuddles and the sharing of favourite parts of the day can leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy.


If the week days...

are full of hustle and bustle then start a weekend breakfast tradition in a relaxed style that everyone can enjoy. Be it pancake saturday or french toast sunday it’s a great time to treat yourselves.


Planting something together...

(a tree in the garden or just some pots on the windowsill) is a shared venture with a lovely result and can inspire wonder at how things grow and change - just like us! 



If car commutes...

are part of the daily routine then stock up on some good tracks to play and turn a frustrating traffic jam into an opportunity for some car karaoke. If you’re not in the mood to sing then a talking book that everyone can discuss afterwards is another good option. 

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