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June 12, 2018

Be at home for your children and for others...

It’s a little surreal bringing home the precious bundle that you dreamed about and carried inside you for nine months. It then becomes a blur thanks to a mixture of sleep deprivation and worry. But don't worry, you do get through it.

Once you’ve settled into life with a newborn, it’s time to think about how you can help your little bundle develop into a well-rounded young child.

Decades of neuroscientific findings have made it clear that the human brain does most of its wiring in the first 1,000 days after birth. A baby’s brain is genetically and biologically designed to gather information during this time. Therefore, the first three years of a child’s life is a critical time for their developing brain.

Genes provide a blueprint, but the way they are expressed comes down to the experiences during the early years. Positive experiences are powerful and make lasting connections in the brain which can help set up a child for later learning, behaviour and health.

The most important experiences, bar none, are relationships. The better the relationships in a child’s life, the more the brain reaches its potential. All those cuddles and moments spent gazing into one another’s eyes is not “time-wasted” but valuable bonding time with your baby. It’s such a precious time for both of you. It’s been a special time for Michelle Byrne, who's been at home caring for her son and experiencing those milestones – watching him grow into an active little toddler. Even though she’d worked in childcare centres she knew she wanted to be at home spending quality time with her son.

“My philosophy has changed since having children,” she says. Her strong family values and desire to stay-at-home encouraged her to register to become an Educator with PORSE.

As a qualified Early Childcare Education teacher, Michelle knows that young children do best in a loving, nurturing relationship, either with a parent or a consistent caregiver. That’s why PORSE created a Natural Childcare solution, based on providing children with authentic relationships, environments and experiences – for when parents can’t be there.

Natural Childcare comes from one-on-one, responsive relationships that provide children with consistency and a go-to person. Michelle will watch over the children at the playground and if they need help, she’ll encourage them to work through the experience, stepping in only if needed. Michelle is able to be that guiding hand and give the children the tools to solve problems themselves.

By registering with PORSE, Michelle can be there for her son while also caring for a maximum of three other children. Michelle says she can give all the children her full attention because they are a just a small group - and a close-knit bunch too.


“I really get to know the children I care for with PORSE as I have more time to think about them, their care and learning needs. And my son loves having playmates,” she says. “I love being able to earn an income while spending time with my son.”

Natural Childcare replicates the comfort and security of home, as well as the routines and values that are built there. Michelle works closely with her families to ensure all the needs of the children in her care are individually met.

Natural Childcare also provides real-world interaction and public outings, in a safe and supportive environment with a person children trust. These experiences are learning opportunities for children whether it be a trip to the library, the park or the local play group.

All Educators with PORSE are supported with ongoing personal development and learning. For registered teachers wishing to maintain their practising certificate, PORSE pays the cost of maintaining this AND Educators new to PORSE are supported with a $500 Kick Starter Kit.

If you’re interested in working in an authentic environment that allows both you and the children you work with the room to enjoy the experiences and special moments of childhood, at their own pace, call us on today 0800 023 456.

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