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May 23, 2017

Mothers – and mothers-to-be – are constantly dealing with conflicting and unwanted
advice, from grandparents to friends and even strangers. Here are a few tips to coping with those who may mean well, but just won’t take the hint



Seek out professional advice

On topics such as nutrition, vaccinations and other medical-related queries; don’t rely on friends and family.

Listen first

Try not to judge, even if it seems like someone is judging you. Parenting advice usually comes from a good place, and if you listen, you might even learn something.


My recommendation to all mothers that I come across is this: listen to your heart, listen to your baby and listen to those you trust


Trust your intuition

Once you have your baby – and even before the birth – your natural instincts will kick in. Don’t feel bad about ignoring other people’s advice and going with your own judgement.

Be honest

If you feel like you’re being bombarded with unwanted advice, let that person know that, while you appreciate them wanting to help, you’re confident in your own parenting style and ability.

Hang out with like-minded people

That way, you’re more likely to agree with other people’s advice!

Smile and nod

Sometimes it’s best to simply pretend to take someone’s advice on board. Pick your battles, especially if it involves someone close to your child, such as a grandparent.

Stay informed

If you have a parenting problem, do some research. When dealing with advice to combat a problem, you’ll have facts to back up your own choices.

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