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June 2, 2017

Your little ones will love watching the birds flock to these colourful bird feeders. 

You’ll need:

Two-litre fizzy drink bottle
Resene paint (we used Resene Drop Dead Gorgeous and Resene Gumboot)
Jute string, approx 50cm long
Clear PVC plastic tubing 3mm or 4.8mm, approximately 14cm length (ours are from Storage Box)
Split pin fasteners x3 (ours are from Paper Plus)
Dowel 10mm thick x 15cm in length
Wild bird seed mix
Permanent marker, such as a Sharpie 
  1. Evenly draw a scalloped edge pattern around the top third of the bottle, then cut out with scissors. Remove the lid from
  2. the bottle. 
  3. With the bottom half of the bottle, cut off middle section where the label is. Mark and cut out a 14cm long x 10cm deep section of the bottom part of the bottle to create an opening. (Refer to our image of the bottle marked with pen.)
  4. Using a foam brush paint the inside of the bottom piece of the bottle with several layers of Resene Drop Dead Gorgeous paint, and the top part of the bottle, including the lid, in Resene Gumboot. Leave to dry between coats.
  5. Place top part of the bottle over the bottom piece. Use a sharp knife to pierce a hole through both top and bottom pieces of the bottle on each side of the front opening and at the back. Connect together using the split pins. Push split pins through the hole and fold back split pieces on the inside of the bird feeder to hold in place.
  6. Use scissors to pierce a hole in the middle top of the bottle cap. Fold string in half and thread both ends through the hole and knot tightly on the inside of the lid. Screw lid back onto the bottle. 
  7. Measure and cut a length of the PVC piping to fit along the length of the bottom edge. Make a slit along length of the piping with scissors and press onto the edge of the bottle to create a soft edge for birds.
  8. Cut a small cross in the front and back bottom centre of the bird feeder and slide dowel through from the front to the back.
  9. Fill feeder with bird food and hang outside.

Testpot tips

  1. Resene testpots are ideal for small projects like these. They are available in a range of colours and you can pick and choose a few favourites and easily paint straight out of the testpot.
  2. Get your child involved and let them help choose the colours – simply show them the Resene KidzColour chart (at your local Resene ColorShop or online at and let them choose their favourites.

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