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November 9, 2016

Littlies love playing with bubbles; from chasing them as they float through the air, to catching and popping them. It is simple to create the wands at home. 

What you will need:

Short pieces of wooden dowling or strong sticks from the garden

Annealed or florists wire

Strong tape (we used electrical tape)

Wire cutters


Start by creating a shape out of the wire making sure to leave enough wire either side to wrap around your stick. This can be a simple circle, or something more creative like a star or heart shape. (wrapping the wire around shaped cookie cutters is a good help). Whatever shape you choose, the bubbles with still come out round. 

Once your shape is finished, twist both ends together to close it off, before twisting the remaining strands tightly around the top of the stick to secure tucking the sharp ends underneath the other wire. Use the tape to wrap around and cover the wire to prevent it catching on anything. 

How does water and bubble play boost learning?

It helps to develop eye-hand coordination (and eye tracking), gross motor skills and language development (when you talk about the bubbles or water). Kids learn about cause and effect (look what happens when I blow through the wand, or what happens when I pour the water through the sieve). There‚Äôs even a little science! Talk about what a bubble is, a pocket of air encased in liquid, or about how yellow and blue water mix to create green water. 



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