December 15, 2016

D.I.Y Christmas wrapping paper is a great way to personalise your gift giving. Pamela McIntosh shows you how to create this cute Reindeer paper with your little one's footprint. 




  • Kraft Paper Roll
  • Chromacryl Paint 75ml Cool Red
  • FAS Paint Super Tempera 500ml Brown 
  • FAS Paint Super Tempera 250ml White
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Bronze
  • Paint Brush
  • Your child’s foot

Step One:

Roll out brown paper (preferably on a warm day so the paint dries fast), and pour brown paint into disposable container – we used an old plastic takeaway container. Keep a bucket of warm water and a dark towel nearby for clean-up after the footprint painting.

Step Two:

Carefully dip your child’s foot into the brown paint, and then press down their paint-soaked foot onto brown paper – too much or not enough paint isn’t ideal, you’ll get used to the amount that does work well. It’s definitely easier with two helpers, the little ones get heavy, but they certainly will love the fun sensory experience!

Step Three:

Allow footprints to dry completely.

Step Four:

Paint two reindeer eyeballs with white paint (I used a formula scoop to dot on the round shape) and paint a red circle to represent Rudolph’s red nose. 

Step Five:

Take a black or brown pen and draw on reindeer 'antlers'. 

Step Six: 

If you like, note your child’s age and the year, just in case any relatives want to hold on to the wrapping paper as a keepsake. 

Step Seven:

When white paint is completely dry, draw in the reindeer's eye 'pupils' with a black pen or vivid marker. Wrap and decorate with ribbon, a bow, and of course a label for the lucky gift recipient. 



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