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August 30, 2018

One of the most wonderful things about tiny children is they are easily impressed. Their imaginations are ginormous. Take the humble living room fort. You might think your kid is hankering after the latest designer playhouse or teepee – something with bells and whistles and bunting. But in reality, all it takes to transport them to a world of magic and delight is a big white sheet pegged between a few chairs.

If you’re new to building an indoor cubby house, check out this handy guide from Blackmores. There’s no better way to beat the rainy-day blues.

What you'll need



4 x dining chairs or a table



Ribbons, paper and markers, to decorate (optional)

Torch (optional)

Step One

Let your child pick his or her favourite spot for their new top-secret hideout. Under the dining table is ideal, or perhaps a nook in the corner of the living room. If using chairs to build the cubby, space them out evenly to create four corners (preferably with a wall on one side), and ask your child to sit in the area between the chairs so he or she can determine the size that their den will be.

Step Two

Drape the sheets over the chairs and peg them in place. If using a table, drape the sheets over the table so that they hang down over each side. Make sure you leave a loose section of sheet that can be used as a door. If you’re using old sheets, try cutting holes to create windows – perhaps those of an aeroplane or the portholes of a ship – or get the kids to draw designs using washable fabric markers. Ribbons are great for tying off doors and adding a bit of colour, and making paper chains to safety-pin around the outside is a fun side activity.

Step Three

Add a blanket on the floor and cushions to make it nice and comfy, and let your kids choose teddies and toys to take inside. Give your children a torch, too. They’ll have a blast making shadow shapes on the walls. Upgrade your cubby if the children are a bit older, and you might want to spruce up their hideout with a few improvements. You could hang a curtain pole or dowel across the backs of the chairs on one side and run a sheet along it to act as a sliding door, or use dowel to create a frame and set up a permanent tepee.


Cushions and blankets will add all the comforts of home to your cubby house.


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